3B Dinner Talk

MAY 21, 2015

Headline of the Day: JUMP!

What an amazing day! We were lucky to have such wonderful weather for our annual 'Jump Rope for Heart' event!

We all had a lot of fun outside in the sun, jumping, playing, and raising awareness for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

All money raised is due no later than Monday May 25th. Thank you to everyone who supported this wonderful fundraiser.
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Asian Heritage Assembly

A reminder that tomorrow at 1:55 pm is our annual Asian Heritage Assembly. Please feel free to join us for a wonderful heritage celebration!


This week we began working on our school work independently, and in our own time. Each week, we review as a class the expectations for the week, including new ideas, ongoing projects, and assigned work. Students then have 2-3 independent periods per day to work on their assisgnments in their own time and space.

I am very proud of how the first week has gone. Students are making great choices as to what work needs to be completed, and how to do their best learning.

This independent time allows me to do more on-on-one work with each student, helping guide them to their best work.