Electric City Comic Con

Guests 2015

Artists Alley

These talented artists and authors will be located inside the library in "Artists Alley." Stop-by to meet them, purchase their books, get them signed and chat with these amazing artists! You can see many of our artists at various workshops and programs throughout the day as well.

Chris Giarruso

Keynote Artist

Chris is a Harvey award-nominated artist and writer best known for creating, writing, and drawing G-MAN, a series of graphic novels loved by all ages. G-MAN features a young superhero who gains fantastic powers when he wears a magic cape.

Marcus K. Anderson

Marcus is a teacher, painter, and illustrator. He is the co-creator of the series Snow Daze, and the creator of the upcoming all-ages comic, EastRaven Adventures.

Richard Bonk

Rich has worked on many popular titles like DC's, "Teen Titans", "Action Comics"(a Superman title), Top Cow's, "Witchblade" and others. Rich is currently working on books for Image Comics.

Eric Colossal

Eric’s most recent graphic novel Rutabaga the Adventure Chef was just published in the Spring of 2015. The first book in this promising new series features adventure, monsters, dragons, and cooking!

Jess Fink

Illustrator, graphic novelist, jewelry designer, there is nothing Jess Fink can’t do (except ride a bike.) Her graphic novels for adults including “We Can Fix It” and “Chester 5000 xyv” are fresh, funny, sexy, and relatable.

Dan Hosek

Dan has wanted to create comic books for as long as he can remember. He worked in Marvel Comics' editorial department and was a children's book designer before co-founding Castle Comics to realize his lifelong dream. Castle Comics publishes File 13, a super-powered hero's journey (with a healthy dose of humor thrown in) loosely based on a concept Dan had when he was twelve years old.

Keith Haugen

Keith Haugen is relatively new to the comic scene, having recently completed two horror genre projects for Spirited Comics and is currently doing work on a sci-fi/war story for RATO Press. In addition, Keith keeps busy doing commissions, conventions and freelance graphic arts projects. Creator owned comic properties are also in the works, which Keith vows to complete ‘some day’.

Asaad Loiseau

Since childhood, Asaad Loiseau fell in love with American cartoon shows and Japanese anime which first sparked his love of writing. The author adopted the Straight Edge lifestyle in early high school with a lifelong commitment to no drinking, smoking, or drug use. He wrote “Alexander and the Book of Knowledge” for ALL AGES to distinguish it from the overwhelming amount of mature books on the market, inappropriate for a younger audience (particularly those looking to try comics for the first time). Asaad’s day job working with people who have mental disabilities has helped to broaden his perspective on life and his writing.

Shane Moore

Schenectady resident, artist and co-founder of Electro-Magnetic Press. Shane does the art for the comic series “The Omens." The first comic in his new series “Empire Comics” was recently published. Shane is also the artist who created our Electric City Comic Con mascot.

Melody Often

Melody is the creator of the kaleidoscopic adventure comic book series, Trinadot, whose first issue was released in print in 2009 and will be released as a color webcomic this August. She is a Xeric recipient for the graphic novel In the Hands of Boys, written by her mother, Janet Tangirala, and has contributed to such anthologies as Young Bottoms In Love, Amazing Forest, and Magic Bullet. She does freelance illustration and paints in both the studio context and as live performance. Aside from exhibiting and speaking French she enjoys science podcasts and the natural world.

Gregg Schigiel

Gregg is a regular contributor to Spongebob Comics, wrote the X-Babies: Stars Reborn graphic novel for Marvel Comics, and has worked for Nickelodeon, DC Entertainment, and Disney. His original graphic novel “Pix” features a super-powered teenager who claims to be part fairy princess.

Peter Sefick

From the capital area of Upstate NY Peter is the artist on The Omega Chapters and Shockwave the Robot as well as several other small press books, as well as the host of ART JAM on the Catatomic Studios YouTube/Patreon channel

Jen Wojtowicz

Jen is an artist, writer and teacher. She is the author of The Boy Who Grew Flowers, published by Barefoot Books, as well as her independent comics Sleepers, Bunny Girl, and Protection.

Comics Commons

Be sure to visit our "Comics Commons" area outdoors in front of the library. We are featuring comic related artisans, clubs, and organizations.

Post Office Commemorative Cancellation Stamp

Time: 10:00 AM-1:00 PM.

For stamp collectors and comic enthusiasts alike! The Post Office will be on site debuting our limited edition Electric City Comic Con cancellation stamp. Bring your own stamp along or buy one on site!

*A cancellation is a postal marking applied to a postage stamp or a piece of postal stationary indicating that the stamp has been used (prevents the re-use of stamps.)

The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks

Sequestered in the dankest depths of the Evil Lair, the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks strive to bring you their honest opinions on the entertainment that we all love. Comics, video games, movies, TV shows, and geek culture in general are dissected, reviewed, then re-assembled by each Evil Geek with devious care and nefarious ingenuity. Through our written reporting and through our podcast “Transmissions From the Evil Lair” (Soon to be subliminal message free), we will show you the most vile and uncouth underbelly of the nerd world!

Elphingirl Designs

Knitted goods, jewlery, small stuffed animals, Japanese shopping bags and purses.

Sara Hopkins

Sara Hopkins is a full-time artist and bird mama. She is cranky when she isn't drawing or eating good food.

Penelope Barbalios

Penny is a professional illustrator specializing in clothing, prints, accessories and more!

Friends of the Schenectady County Public Library

The Friends of the library fund raise and support all public programming at SCPL (among many other things!) Their efforts made our Comic Con possible. They will be selling fantasy, manga, science fiction and other used books to help raise funds for the library. The friends also run the popular Whitney Book Corner used book store on the corner of Union and Clinton St.

RAMCS (Rensselaer Anime Manga & Cosplay Society)

A talented and exuberant group of teens from the Rensselaer Public Library will be on hand to tell you all about their club and show off their Cosplay skills.