Belgica Vargas


  • 3 Things about Me

- I would like to say that I am from Mexico. I have living in this country for 2 years and a half. Since I came to the USA I have living in Seattle. When I came here I did not know English, but now I am learning more and more.

-When I lived in Mexico I went to the University and I studied physics. I never worked in this area because after my graduation I came here.

-My family is the most important in my life. I spend hours talking with my cousins. Most of my family is living in Mexico, but we always keep communication. Also, when I have problems I talk with my family and after that I feel better.

  • 2 Favorite Activities

- I like to eat pizza.

- I enjoy listening to music, specially pop music.

  • 1 Dream Job

In this country, I would like to be an interior designer. I believe Interior Design is an excellent option for me because I really like to create and combine things, like colors and materials. I enjoy to see the different elements in a house, store or building that make comfortable and beautiful these places. For this reason my dream job would be to work in a big company like J.C Penney Corporation.