The Elements

8 Friends With Many different Powers!

My Super Hero Backround Story!!!

Hi my name is JD half of my body is covered in stone because that's where all my powers are im here to tell you how I got my powers!

One day me and frost ( my friend Izzy in real life) were at a playground and frost was there one minute and she was gone the next! I looked back and a man in a blue suit like a morph suit had her in his hands with a needle to her arm, I ran toward her and another man grabbed me and shot a liquid into my arm I saw frost in the distance as I started to pass out! That was the last i saw of frost! All I remember is me waking up on the carpet of a cabin with many people surrounding me and that's when I noticed frost was there I got up and asked who all was there she said spark, Skyler , sunny, and me, but know you! spark i said out loud Are you looking for Rose she was in my dream and i remember where she is! DO you have a car and i can show you where she is i will direct you to her! Yes i do its parked in the front part of our cabin! We got in the car and i started to direct her to Rose and spark pointed out that rose was laying against a tree and so we got out of the car and drug her to the car and took her back to the cabin shortly after we got to the cabin we noticed she was passed out so we poured hot water on her face so she would wake up and once she woke up she had vines throughout her body! Then spark told her to look in the mirror she was surprised! Then some boys started knocking on the door Rose answered and the boys said this is our cabin pack up you stuff ladies and leave rose punched then right in the face and we all suddenly were shocked because we had never seen rose do somthing like that before! After the boys left Rose told me to look in the mirror and and she handed me the mirror that she used I made a weird face then got mad and broke the mirror into pieces then spark ran to the bathroom and saw her hair on fire and she was mad because the mirror i broke was her dead grandma's! after she calmed down her hair wasn't on fire anymore, but she had burn marks everywhere! Then frost started to look pale and Heather started shooting lighting EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! Then Rose got a strange call and it was a boy telling her to meet him in the forest by the airport at 7:05 pm! when we got to the forest we saw a tall boy and a short boy! We asked their name and the tall one said my name is Thorn and the short one said My name is Snake! Thorn had vines like Rose and Then he said ROSE my lost sister you here thats when we noticed they were brother and sister! We took them back to our cabin and they put all their stuff in the two extra rooms we had and said thank you for meeting me i needed to tell you that our parents died!