Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

Main Character Races.

The Main Characters in Dragon Ball Z:Battle of Gods are either aliens, Saiyans, or humans.
Now, You should know what Humans Are, But Saiyans are the mightiest race is the galaxy, because they conquer planets and sell them to the highest bidders. Every Saiyan is Born with a tail, but Some get theirs cut off. When saiyans look at a full moon, they can turn into giant Apes, and destroy everything, with no self-conscious. Goku Is one of these saiyans.

Main Characters.

The Main Characters are Goku, and Lord bills. Lord bills is the Strongest, But Goku is the 2nd Strongest.

Super Saiyan God Goku

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Goku is The Main Character in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of gods.

Plot 1

Lord bills (Beerus, the God of destruction.) Came to earth when he heard that Goku had Killed Frieza After almost 10 years that Goku actually did it, Because Lord bills Slept For 39 years. When lord bills came to Other world, Where Goku was training, Lord bills asked goku to go full power and spar with him, Goku did so and went super saiyan 3, but lord Bills knocked him out with a mere 2 attacks. Lord bills flew to Bulmas Birthday party, where Vegeta was told that Lord Bills was coming to destroy the earth.

Plot 2

When Vegeta was told that Lord beerus was coming, Vegeta did everything but Buu ( a Majin,) Took all the pudding and lord bills was mad and started to destroy everything, then goku showed up and summoned shenron (a dragon that grants one wish) and asked how to become a super saiyan god.

Plot 3

Shenron said that to become a Super saiyan god, 6 hearted saiyans Join hands and the strongest one will become a super Saiyan God. When goku became a super saiyan god, he Rushes at bills and tried to punch him but lord bills simply blocked the attack. Then they flew and started attacking each other very very fast.

Plot 4 Ending

When goku turned into a god again and absorbed the giant sun bills had made, He ran out of power, when lord bills was about to kill him, bills stopped, and said that he just wanted to hear goku give up. Goku said that he did give up, because lord bills was way too strong. Then goku fainted, and lord bills flew him back down to Goku's Friends. Lord bills said that he didn't feel like destroying the earth because he used up all his power.
Dragon Ball Z Battle Of Gods-super sayian 3 Goku Vs Beerus English Dub

By Eric Van Buren