iPads in the Classroom

Jumping on the iPad Bandwagon

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Are the Days of Just Pencil and Paper Really Over?

Yes those days are over! If you walk into a 21st century classroom these days you will see collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and communication all within the help of an iPad! According to TUAW, a research study, conducted in Auburn, Maine showed that Kindergartner students using iPads scored much higher on literacy tests than students that didn’t use the device. Along with this, there are so many more records of our students beginning to excel academically in ways we couldn't have imagined before! Let's toss the pencils and paper on some assignments and dive into our quickly evolving 21st century world!

Apps For the Classroom

About Apps

Above are three apps that are pretty common in classrooms today. Apps are actually a really big thing now in classrooms. As a matter of fact, most students come to school already knowing what an app is. Apps, short for applications, are easy to access even with the smallest of fingers. Apps can assist, encourage, and transform lessons and activities in any everyday classroom.

What are the Students Saying About iPads?

"I like how we use technology in class. It puts things in a new perspective and makes you think differently."

"I feel that the iPad projects were very helpful, as I enjoy the hands-on projects and feel like I can dig deeper when doing those types of projects."

"I love the different/various ways that we go about learning things (i.e. iPad projects, essays, movies); all contribute to the same general idea."

"The iPads are fun and they reinforce what we are learning. I think it’s a good tool because I’m learning how to use the technology while also helping myself with what we are learning."

"I have enjoyed using the iPads in groups to discuss the key elements in what we have been reading about."

Check out more at : https://teachermeetstechie.com/2013/03/21/kid-quotes-what-students-say-about-technology-in-the-classroom/

Transforming the Classroom with iPads

Allyson Ivey

Allyson Ivey is a 2012 graduate from Piedmont High School in Piedmont, AL. Allyson resides in Piedmont, AL while she is currently a teacher candidate at Jacksonville State. Allyson plans to graduate in the Spring of 2017 with a B.S. in Elementary Education and Early Childhood. After graduation, Allyson looks forward to having a classroom of her own where she can implement the techniques and strategies learned and experiences gained while at Jacksonville State University. Also in this classroom, she plans to create a 21st century learning environment to equip her students with the power to evolve in our rapidly developing 21st century world.