Schools in the Czech Republic

Vs. Schools in America

Chart shows how schools in the Czech Republic compared to schools in America

Have you ever wondered what school is like in the chez republic? Do you think it's like the schools in Amarica or different? The Czech Republic has some different teaching ways than schools in America. The Czech Republic is a country located in Europe. It has a rich cultural and historical background.

The schools in the Czech Republic offer a variety of classes. Czech, English, and Physical Education are required in all schools by law. English is where you actually learn the English language. The Czech people learn English as a second language. The class sizes are small, usually about 16 people per class.

The way the schedule is for schools in the Chez Republic. Anyone from ages 6-15 are required to go to school.The school year starts towards the middle of September.The school year ends towads the end of May and the middle of June. They get a summer break. Add they have about four other holiday breaks throughout the year. So overall this is the basic school schedule for the chez republic.

Grading and testing in the Czech Republic. They do there garding by ones,twos, threes, and fours. Highest is one and the lowest score is four. Some schools in Amarica do, do this to but it is mostly Elementry schools. They also do standardized testing the US also does this kind of testing. In conclusion there likes of testing isn't that much differnt them ares.

Czech offers ways to learn and to grow as a person.

So in this article readers should have learned, the school basic scedual. They should have learned the variety of classes offered and the grading and testing in the Chez Republic.

This information is useful in case you you would ever want to go to any of theses schools and it gets you informed about what is going on around the world.