10 Days of Twitter Challenge - 2020

Let's Build our PLN (Professional Learning Network)

10 Days of Twitter Challenge

Welcome to our 10 Days of Twitter Challenge. For those who participated last year, you should have yourself a solid Twitter account set up (including a profile picture and not the Twitter egg) and have figured out the "gist" of how Twitter works. If not, feel free to check out last year's 10 Days of Twitter Challenge and bring yourself up to speed. Last year's challenge: Click Here

This year's 10 Days of Twitter Challenge is devoted to helping you grow your Professional Learning Network or PLN. Twitter is the best thing going for professional learning and connecting with other educators on Twitter, strengthens and grows your PLN. Imagine the possibilities when you can log on to Twitter and connect with educators all over the world who will challenge your thinking, share ideas and support your learning when YOU need it.

While your PLN has grown over the years and hopefully includes educators from McClure and McKinney, there is a whole world out there just waiting for your contributions.

Over the next 10 days, this challenge will continue to expose you to the reason why Twitter is one of the best professional learning tools available. While you are growing your PLN and connecting with educators across the district, state and globe, don't forget to share what is happening in McClure classrooms by sharing our campus hashtag #mccluremarshals.


PS...You can double down on your challenge and use your grade level/department accounts to grow your PLNs.

Monday, December 9th - Day One

One of the best ways to grow your Professional Learning Network (PLN) is by increasing the number of educators you follow. George Couros or @gcouros has created a list of educators who he considers are "must follows".

Day One Challenge - Grow Your PLN!

Using the link below follow these recommended educators to grow your PLN. You can also subscribe to this list by clicking the subscribe button located on the page using the same link.

Recommended Follows:


Tuesday, December 10th - Day Two

Educators from across McKinney ISD share using hashtags #myMISD and #MISDLIVESKIND

Day Two Challenge - Follow 3 on #myMISD and/or #MISDLIVESKIND

To complete today's challenge, check out #myMISD and #MISDLIVESKIND and follow 3 participants you are not following yet. While you are at it, feel free to tweet using the hashtags.

Wednesday, December 11th - Day Three

Day Three Challenge - PLN Selfie

While Twitter gives you the capacity to connect with teachers around the world, we have some of the very best working right here in our halls at McClure. Find a member of your PLN today, who you work with and take a selfie with them. (To make it a little challenging...your selfie needs to be with someone who is NOT on your own team).

(In order for them to be in your PLN, you need to be following them)

Thursday, December 12th - Day Four

Day Four Challenge - Share the Learning

It's Coding Week! Educators and students all around the world are participating in the #HourofCode and we want our McClure staff and students to participate as well. Tweet a picture of you and/or your class participating in the hour of code and use the hashtag #hourofcode.

As a bonus, check out the #hourofcode hashtag on Twitter and see if you can find a school, classroom or teacher to follow and connect with.

Friday, December 13th - Day Five

Day 5 Challenge - Follow Friday #FF

#FollowFriday has become a popular hashtag on Twitter and provides you an opportunity to help grow someone's PLN. Compose a tweet mentioning educators on Twitter who you feel others need to be following. The educators you mention could be teammates, colleagues or educators who you follow and learn a great deal from. Be sure to include #FollowFriday

Hint: You are able to add more mentions to a tweet if you add a picture and tag up to 10 people in the picture in addition to those you mention in your tweet.

Monday, December 16th - Day Six

Congratulations on surviving the first five days of the 10 Days of Twitter Challenge. Hopefully the weekend recharged the battery for the final five days of the Twitter Challenge and the first semester of school.

Day 6 Challenge - #CelebrateMonday

Twitter can provide an extra layer of people who understand. Twitter is full of amazing teachers who are doing the work and share the same successes and struggles as you. Participating in #CelebrateMonday allows you to lift up members of your PLN and provides them with a "shot in the arm" or a "pat on the back" when they least expect it. We all need to know we are appreciated and #CelebrateMonday allows you do that. Plus, it makes us feel good when we recognize others!

Today's challenge is to compose a #CelebrateMonday tweet where you specifically celebrate/recognize members of your PLN.

Tuesday, December 17th - Day Seven

Day 7 Challenge - Read/Share a Blog Post

Twitter is full of educators who share their learning with a blog. Do you follow someone who has a blog? Have you read one of their recent posts? Maybe you have a blog of your own.

Today's challenge is to share a blog post you have read (or will read) from a member of your PLN. To ensure what you share gets seen by others, you can use a popular hashtag such as #edchat. Of course, you can include #mccluremarshals so your PLN members at McClure learn from you as well.

Wednesday, December 18th - Day Eight

Day 8 Challenge - PLN Video

Today's challenge will be the challenge that pushes you just outside of your comfort level. Introduce yourself to your PLN via video. Twitter allows you to create video clip and post it.

In your video clip, introduce yourself and share why a professional learning network is important to you. Include the hashtag #mccluremarshals so we can grow our PLNs.

Thursday, December 19th - Day Nine

Day 9 Challenge - Educational Christmas List

We all have a Christmas list. Our own, our children's and loved ones we are shopping for.

What if you created a Christmas list for education. What would be on it?

Today's challenge is to share what you would have on your Educational Christmas List. Be sure your tweet includes the hashtag #mccluremarshals.

As a bonus...create your Educational Christmas List using a web-based platform like Canva or Piktochart and share the image you have created.

Friday, December 20th - Day Ten

Day 10 Challenge - Showcase Your Style

As your PLN grows, you will begin to develop relationships with those you are learning with. As these professional relationships grow, you begin to learn more about one another. One thing you get to showcase today is your sense (or lack of) style.

Today's challenge includes yesterday's Ugly Christmas Sweater contest at McClure Elementary. While the students were the judges, we want to give Twitter a voice as well. Tweet a picture of you in your Ugly Christmas Sweater and we will take care of the rest. Remember to include #mccluremarshals in your tweet.

You Did It! Congratulations! The 10 Days of Twitter Challenge is Complete!

Be sure to stop by the office before you leave on Friday to claim your 10 Days of Twitter Present.