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Pie Chart Making

With students today relying more and more on technology, allows the students to put in their data and automatically generates the pie chart. This could help students who have difficulties with spatial reasoning actually see how the different data affect the chart.

Shapes and Graphing

While browising there was a link beside what was trending and it took me to a page with "11 Virtual Tools for Math Classrooms". The tools range from basic to more advanced, depending on the commands of the user. The tools range from Geoboards for shapes to graph paper, to a glossary, all of which are virtual and available on the iPad. The article and tool links can be found at


It can take a while to find videos on that are classroom appropriate and useful. The developers at youtube came up with an answer. is a place that teachers can go to browse videos that are school appropriate and broken down into categories including, social sciences, mathematics, science, engineering, etc.

Surf the Net is a web resource for teachers which provides information about different topics. The topic can range from Driver's Education to the fall of Communism.
Imagine K12 EDpuzzle
Here is an example video of EDpuzzle I created in about 10 minutes showing the available tools. One of the current downsides of EDpuzzle is that it does not currently allow videos to be embedded yet. Since it is a new tool the option to embed EDpuzzle videos should be available soon.

Teaching Channel Newsletter

While browsing the Teaching Channel website ( I was stopped by what I assumed was an advertisement. While it was an advertisement, the box asked if I wanted to sign up for the Teaching Channel which would come with a newsletter that showcased the latest videos and ideas for the classroom. The best part is that it is free! What teacher would not want resources delivered right to them? Below is a link to just one of the examples of videos that the Teaching Channel provides.

ColAR App for iPad

This app for iPad is an amazing way to get student's excited about a writing project. It allows students to color different coloring sheets from and then bring them to life. The free app allows students to use certain pictures, however the paid app allows more coloring pages to come to life. I bought the app a month ago and it has updated and more coloring pages have been added. Below is a demonstration of how it works.

ColAR app demonstration


While most people have discovered this, it is important to mention. Pinterest gives ideas and inspiration as well as resources. I have seen several things on Pinterest which I may not have ever though of and then modified them to fit me and my personal style. Sometimes the basic resources are best.

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