The Implant

Birth control method

This method is used by the woman's

How does it works:

This method prevents sperm from going into the uterus by stopping ovulation. It thickens the mocus in the cervix.

This compares to

How affective is it

Less then 1 out of 100 woman a year will become pregnant using the implant it lasts for 3 years it's more then 99% affective.

How does it work?

The birth control implant works by continually realizing a hormone call progestin. Which is the same hormone used in the the progestin only pill. Progestin helps prevent pregnancy by inhibiting the release is of a females eggs from the ovaries and incriminating the thickness of the cervical mocus.

Some advantages

*It works for 3 years

*The implant does not interrupt sex

*You don't have to remember to take a pill every day

Some desadvantages

*disrupted periods around 20% of woman will have no bleeding and around 50% will have infrequent or prolonged bleeding.

*some other side affects can be head ashes and acne.

*and some of the comun ones are breast hurts and changes in mood.

Do u need a prescription ?

Yes you do need a prescription from your doctor and talk to him. You can't take the implant if u are pregnant or think u might be

Does it protect u from STI?

The implant does not protect against STI
Effectiveness of the Birth Control Implant in Your Arm