The Lifeguard

Written by: Deborah Blumenthal

Published by: AW teen March 1, 2013

ISBN: 080-7-545-368-

Genre: Realistic Fiction


It has been an unsettled summer for Sirena. Back in Texas her parents are getting divorced so they send her to the beach to stay with her grandmother. Sirena decides that since she has so much stress, going to the beach will clear her mind and thoughts. Her grandmother is not married and lives by herself. She was a little odd. One day Sirena asked her grandmother if any ghosts lived in her house and her grandmother said " Yes little ones but they don't harm you, they like to unmake your beds."

As days go on Sirena starts spending time at the beach. One day she finds herself out on the beach with her music blasting. Not being aware of her surroundings, she ends up almost stepping on a poisonous sea urchin. Suddenly a lifeguard comes running and sweeps her up before it can prick her. She never knew she could find love with her life being turned upside down but things were about to change for Sirena!

Hi I'm Sirena and this book is about the hard time when parents are splitting up. It's hard not to think about the times we had as a family together that we will not have anymore. This book will open your eyes to see how I face this bumpy road and try to stay positive. I am sure many kids who are struggling with the same situation can relate to this book and the best way to get over this rocky road in life.

Additional Review

Further Explorations some helpful tips if your family is dealing with divorce learn more about Sirena's home state of Texas Being a lifeguard takes a lot of work find your perfect beach town here music was really important to Sirena and she liked rock the best

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