BY: Alejandro Garcia

What was the change?

This reformation was based on a change in religion because of the church. People would go against the church for what it was doing. So one person named Martin Luther led to a split in the branch of Catholicism and created a new branch called Lutheranism.

How Did The Change Impact Society At That Time?

More people started protesting against the Catholic churches. This caused to make the churches weaker and many started to become Lutheran. After the Council of Trent, the church admitted they had did wrong and gave up indulgence, but were still trying to stop the spread of different religions.

Who were the people associated with the change?

How Is This Change Seen In Today's Modern Society?

Many people didn't know how to read the Bible because it was in Latin so they would translate the Bible in there language. Now in today's society not all the Bibles are in Latin. They are written in hundreds of language if it had not been for the Reformation. In Addition, people would not be Protestants and Many branches of religion would have never existed.
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