Francis Howell North high school

Enrollment Procedures for resource student

Enrollment Procedures

For students with last names A-Ma, please call Cindy McDaniels to schedule an enrollment appointment. Cindy can be reached at 636-851-5099.

For students with last names Mc-Z, please call Patti Balch to schedule an enrollment appointment. Patti can be reached at 636-851-5918.

Enrolling a Student

To enroll a student in the FHSD, call the school in your attendance area and make an appointment for registration. The student and parent/guardian must reside within the FHSD boundaries.

Student and Parent/Guardian Documents Required for FHSD Registration

  • A Birth Certificate

  • Proof of Parent/Guardian identity and relationship to student

  • Proof of Residency

o Current utility bill showing name and service address

o A signed statement or affidavit relating to residency

o Lease or rent receipts/agreement

o A copy of an occupancy permit where appropriate

o If parents are in the process of building a home and are not yet living in it, we will need a Sales Contract—with no contingencies—and Loan Approval

o Statement of Residency Form

  • Emergency telephone numbers
  • IEP and evaluation if student is receiving Special Education Services
  • Unofficial transcript or recent Report Card

  • Custody papers

    • Immunization Requirements

    • Student Registration Form
    • Missouri Safe School

    • Health Form - Preschool

    • Health Form

  • Additional information, as necessary

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