Visit Lebanon!

A great vacation spot!

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Lebanon is a great place to visit for vacation. Nice locals are all around. The country is filled with many things to do, whether for pictures or fun. With amazing food to warm temperatures, this Asian country is truly an amazing place to be!

Tourist Attractions

You should definitely visit the National Museum of Beirut, and the huge statue called Our Lady of Lebanon. Actually, you should visit the capital, Beirut, in general! The three Palm Islands are amazing places to visit if you love nature. You can go to quite a few towns and easily see some nightlife, notably Beirut. Here are descriptions of three attractions:


If you like food, you'll like Lebanese cuisine. Try things such a kibbeh, which is fried bulgar wheat and beef, and many different types of hummus. Their food is inspired by Mediterranean and Arab cuisine. Singles rejoice, because alcoholic beverages are commonly drank. You'll always enjoy a good mezza (Meal). They sometimes last up to three hours!
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Lebanon is a very warm country with average temperatures of 57-90 degrees average. Even in the winter, it's a great place to visit if you want to go somewhere warm. Winters are cooler, but can also be wet. Meanwhile, summers are dry and quite hot, which is always great beach weather! Except for the highest elevations, the place is quite warm.
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Lebanon's currency is the Lebanese pound, LBP. Economy mostly relies on many different services and agriculture. There is also a split between rich and poor citizens, and there is no real middle class that exists. Remittances also help the economy, and some famous crops are tobacco and olives.
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In Lebanon, most families own at least one car, there are also buses and taxis, which most can be found due to red license plates. In urban areas, roads can be filled with traffic. This can easily be seen in some bigger and more famous cities, like Beirut. So, traffic jams are very common there, You have been warned!
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  • "Marhabaan" = "Hello"
  • "Wadaeaan" = "Good bye"
  • "Shukraan" = "Thank you"
  • "'Ayn alhamam" = "Where's the bathroom"
  • "Kayf halik" = "How are you"

Lebanon's language is Lebanese Arabic. Lebanese Arabic is a combination of English and French, which most citizens learn both languages as well. Actually, most citizens learn at least three or four languages in their life. You pretty much need to know one of those languages to get around Lebanon.

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