Solar Energy

The Upsides... And The Downsides...

What Is Solar Energy?

  • Solar Energy refers as energy from the sun.

  • The sun has produced energy for a very long time.

  • The sun is the most important source of energy for everyone.

  • It is renewable resource too.

  • We would use energy to light homes, produce hot water, and heat homes and electricity.

  • A main benefit of Solar Energy is that it doesn't produce pollutants and is one of the most cleanest energy sources.

  • It requires low maintenance and is easy to install.

  • It also cannot be used at night and the amount of sunlight depends on location, day time, time of year, and what the weather is like.

Solar Energy Facts...

  • Solar panels will NOT increase your taxes on your house.

  • Solar Panels cost $7,350

  • Solar faculties can raise concerns about wind degradation and habitat loss.

  • Solar Panels are made of Photostatic cells, that turn sunlight into electricity.

  • Solar Panels do not need direct sunlight,- they also work in overcast weather and even cloudy weather. Although, cloudy weather diminishes the generating capacity (About 50%) comparing to direct sunlight, the solar panels are still in valid means of producing electricity.

  • South-facing roofs usually are the best..

  • There are different solutions for the different sized roofs, but the more space you have, the better.

Solar Energy Facts Continue...

  • You will NOT have to switch the solar panels on everyday cause they are always on.

  • Solar Panels are cheaper than electricity.

  • Solar Panels usually have a 25-year manufacturers' guarantee and you should get another 10-15 years past this.