The Digestive Theme Park

Come ride the new ride the Big Chew

It's Your Digestive System!

Now your ready for the big one

Your in for a treat!

Come to the new theme park for family and friends to enjoy. Go win prizes at either the "Stomach Shoot" and throw the right foods into the stomach or catch the tick in the liver at "Liver Tick". You can also go ride rides the the "Rectum Water Slide" or the "Big Chew" and learn how we digest our food through mechanical and chemical digestion. If you get hungry you can order a Esophagus sandwich and a PEPSI at the Pancreas Snack bar.

Come ride the "Big Chew"

Its time to come and ride the the biggest ride of all called the "Big Chew" and see how our body digests stuff when we don't know it so now we can actually see it for real. Whoever makes it out without vomiting or anything wins a free pass for you and friend when you come back. We hope you have fun at this wonderful theme park and invite friends if you have to and let them have much fun as you will at this new improved theme park.

Digestive Theme Park

We hope you will have fun at the new and improved theme park and ride the new ride the Big Chew and other fun games and other rides and eat at the Pancreas Snack bar and when prizes with the theme park games. But we hope you have fun here we would really enjoy having everyone here.