October 8th Newsletter

Elginburg & District Public School

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The Elginburg and District Public School Staff wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving.

Our staff is so grateful for the wonderful students we teach and the kind, supportive caregivers that support us on a daily basis. The children have exceeded our expectations this year. They are so resilient and have shown a keen desire to learn. Six months away from school has made them stronger and more dedicated.

We hope you find some things to be grateful for even through challenging times. If you need support for you or your family please call us! We are a community of helpers!

The Elginburg Staff

Happy Thanksgiving from Mrs. Burns' Turkeys

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Happy Thanksgiving from Mrs. Mills' Turkeys!

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Turkey Poetry Ha Ha Ha

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Terry Fox Day! Two Thousand Dollars Raised!

Our Terry Fox campaign was a huge success! Not only did we learn about perseverance and setting goals but we raised over $2000 for cancer research!

We send our thoughts and good wishes to all of our school families who have experienced loss and sadness from cancer. We send positive healing vibes to our families who are battling cancer and hope our $2000 is the tipping point to a cure for cancer.

Thank you for donating!

Classroom Poster Challenge

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Mrs. Mills Class Poster

Clothing Sales

We are so proud of our students at Elginburg for living our motto "In a world where you can be anything, be kind!"

So, we are going to sell grey T-shirts & Hoodies with our saying and our School Name! You will be able to order them for adults and children in a variety of sizes and styles.

We hope you love the style and the saying and will purchase one for spirit days and daily use. A small portion of each sale will also go towards buying more recess equipment for each classroom.

You will be able to order the clothing through the SCHOOL DAY day website by mid next week. You can find the School Day website at https://elginburg.limestone.on.ca/. Letters were sent home last week with their secure match key in order for you to register. If you require the match key because life is busy and you can't remember where you put that piece of paper, please contact the office. Cheryl would be more than happy to help you!

'In a world where you can be anything, be kind!"

Data Verification Forms

Last week, you received a paper copy of your child's personal information that is on file at the school. Please pay extra attention to the information on the form, as this will be the information used for communication, including for COVID- 19 contact tracing, should the need arise.

Safety First - How we are keeping children safe!

Things are going well at Elginburg! We thought we would share with you some of our procedures so you can envision your child at school!

Student cohorts do not pass each other in the hall or play near each other at recess. Masks are now being worn at recess unless you are 2 meters apart. Students can back away from their activity for a mask break if needed.

On any particular day, I can ask a student what their favourite yard zone is and get a different answer! Each area seems to have its appeal! As a staff, we have noticed that keeping students with their class at recess has helped us see who is left out and who needs support. We can problem solve with the class at recess and solve problems more quickly. We have been thrilled to see a true team spirit growing! Students are including everybody in their play and are more empathetic when they see someone feeling upset. Maybe there is a silver to COVID-19 after all!

Bus Arrival - Each bus is unloaded separately to keep bus cohorts from mixing

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Recess Zone 1

There are 5 classes outside for recess at a time. Grade 1-8 students rotate between 4 zones. The 3 pictures below are zone 1. When they are in zone 1 they can use the 2 climbers and the outdoor stage area.

Zone 2

Students in Zone 2 can use the whole soccer field, the sand pit and the back corner that has wood to build with and a large rock for make believe play.
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Zone 3

Students in Zone 3 can play in the outdoor classroom, climb on stumps or play soccer baseball, baseball or any other field games.

Zone 4

Zone 4 is the paved area. It has multiple basketball nets, a ball throwing game and four square. Although, students play all sorts of games and enjoy making chalk walls!
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Kindergarten Yard - 1 class at a time outside

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In and Out and Hand Sanitize

Students and staff use the IN door to enter the school and the OUT door to exit. Each staff member has a walkie talkie to notify other classrooms when they are going out for Physical Education or a Mask Break. This ensures nobody is leaving the classroom at the same time. At recess, classes leave the building class by class with gaps between classes to ensure cohorts don't mix.

Learning Code

Mrs. Larochelle, our student support teacher, has been fortunate to use the gym as her classroom this fall. She pulls 2 or 3 students at a time for phonics or as we call it "code" instruction. We have seen amazing strides in our students in the past month. We have some new readers! Daily practice is the key!

This fall we have put an emphasis on learning code because 6 months of no school was hard on our youngest learners. But they are catching up quickly!

Thank you Mrs. Larochelle!

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Letters to 10 year old boy from Russell, Ontario

Mrs. Jerreat's class was very sad that a little boy had his arm broken by a child who called him the "N" word. They discussed how he must feel and decided to send him letters of encouragement! Not only did they say how sorry they were, they told him they would stand up for him if it happened again.

Since the class heard this story and wrote the letters we have seen chalk "Black Lives Matter" signs on the walls and pavement of the school. These signs have sparked discussion amongst students. We have overheard conversations about why black lives matter and we have heard older students explaining the meaning behind the words.

What a kind and thoughtful class! I am sure this young man will be thrilled to have support from Elginburg, Ontario!

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Book of the Month

Over the next month your children in primary and junior grades will read the following book. It is a wonderful story about feeling different. It reminds us that we are all different, and subtly teaches us to be respectful of others cultures, foods, beliefs and more.
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Upcoming Events

Monday, October 12 - Thanksgiving Day

Friday, October 16 - Tie or Tye Dye Spirit Day

Friday, October 16 - IEPs home

Friday, October 30 - Orange and Black Day (no costumes please)

Wednesday, November 11 - Remembrance Day

Friday, November 20 - Progress Report Cards Home