Raisin in the sun

Period 6 Ysandra Ortiz, Brenda Torres, Sydney Rak, Sean Roan


In A raisin in the sun by Lorraine Hansberry the attainability of the American Dream is due to outcomes of the dishonestly in the Younger's family that happens at one point in the play. It leads to the realization of reality and the need for change in their family.


Honestly is the best policy

The common theme in this play is saying the truth and being honest is the best thing to do. Even through not everybody was completely honest, they learned to tell the truth to one another after experiencing the negative outcomes due to dishonestly. In the play when Ruth faints, so she goes to the doctor. However she lies and goes to see a lady for an abortion. Mama realizes that she didn't go to the doctor and asks " ‘She’ – What doctor you went to?”( 59). Although Ruth wasn't honest she learned to not keep secrets from the family. In the film Ruth is shown with a long shot with her looking down at the ground because she knows that she was lying. Also in the play Walter wasn't being honest either he says “Mama… I never … went to the bank at all…" (129). Walter was not being honest with the family, especially his mom. After this he lost all the money that the family had, however learned from the experience. In the movie the show that he is crying to mama saying that he is sorry. They show a medium shot and the camera is looking down at Walter for what he has done. The Younger's family were not honest with each other however learned to not keep secrets from each other without it having a negative or bad affect. So, the family learns to be honest with each other in order to achieve success or agreement. Without honesty you can not achieve the dream that one may want.


Man Vs Man

In this novel it is perceived that there is more man vs man because Walter and Mama have a lot of arguments and disagreements against the ideas that Walter gives to try to better his family’s lives.


Lena "Mama"

Mama is Walter Lee and Beneatha's mother. Also, Ruth's mother is law. She is a strong woman who is very religious. With her husbands insurance money she wants to make a down payment for a house for the family. To Mama her dream is to be able to be in a home, she believes that now with the insurance money that dream can be possible now. Although not everybody might agree, she believes that this is the best thing to do. In the play she gathers everybody to tell them good news, Mama says to Travis "(Putting her finger on his nose emphasis) She went out and bought you a house!" (91). Everyone is excited with the good news, however her son, Walter, isn't so happy. Mama makes this decision knowing that she did good for the family.

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Married to Walter Lee. Lives in a small apartment with her family. A domestic work for a living. She is a tired woman who wants a good life for her family. At one point in the play, Ruth discovers that she is pregnant. She is faced with this issue to whether have the child without enough money, or to raise it in property or abort it. Her dream if just to make her family happy and give them what she can. In the play Ruth says "Well - well! All I can say is - if this is my time in life - MY TIME- to say good-bye - to these goddamned cracking walls! - and these marching roaches! - and this cramped little closet which ain't now or never was no kitchen! . . . then I say it loud and good, HALLELUJAH! AND GOOD-BYE MISERY.. . I DON'T NEVER WANT TO SEE YOUR UGLY FACE AGAIN!"(93). After knowing that Mama went out to buy a house Ruth is extremely happy with the thought of moving into their own house. With this good news she believes that life is going to be great living in a house not an apartment.

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Lena's son, married to Ruth and Beanetha's brother. Walter and Ruth have a son named Travis. He is a man who is struggling hard to support his family. When an opportunity to invest into a business comes up he is caught up in the moment and his dreams to have more money that he does not realize that in reality it is not possible. After losing the money he was going to "invest" into a business, Walter has decided to take the money that Mr. Linger was offering to the Younger's family. At this point Walter says "And we have decided to move into our house because my father- my father- he earned it for us brick by brick" (148). Although he wasn't happy with his mom's decision about buying a house, he thought it through knowing that at the end Mama did everything for the family. Walter them realizes that maybe the his dream can be attainable starting with the new house.

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In conclusion the American dream can be attainable as shown throughout the play of A Raisin in the Sun. The Younger's family realizes that they are not being honest, which they should have been so always. From all the dishonestly that the family had they realize that they were in need of change for good.


Hansberry, Lorraine. A Raisin in the Sun. New York: Random House, 1959. Print