Modern Day Titanic Trip

Written by Malia Avery

All aboard the Titanic II

In 2016 a working replica of the Titanic is set for launch, and will mostly mimic the same route from Europe to the Americas. Already 40,000 applications have been submitted to be part of the maiden voyage so get your application in ASAP. We know everyone is worring about it sinkng, but what ship wont sink with a big hole in it. So unlike the first Titanic the Tianic II will have more than enough lifeboats, and Clive Palmer the owner of the ship said “They are modernised and enclosed. You could go around the world in them”. Just like the original Titanic the new ship will have Turkish Baths, a smoking room, a grand staircase and a gymnasium. It is even split into three different classes, replicating the original ship where poor immigrants took steerage while the highest echelons of Edwardian society enjoyed luxury in first class. The owner Clive Palmer said the guests would be segregated into the different classes just like on the Titanic. Palmer claimed he wanted to journey in third class because in James Cameron’s movie Titanic that was where the fun people would be travelling. “ Unlike the original , Titanic II will feature a modern hospital, a helicopter landing pad, full air-conditioning and access to high-speed internet. Also, unlike the first ship, it has more than enough lifeboats and evacuation equipment for all passengers and crew.