Bison Reporter

April Newsletter

From the Principal

April is flying by and we will welcome the spring weather whenever it shows up! Our 3rd through 5th grade students just finished taking the Smarter Balance Assessments in the areas of Reading & Math. These assessments serve as a way for the school to see how well we are helping students meet rigorous learning standards. Families with students in those grades will receive further information about how their child did on the assessment at a future date.

Students, Kindergarten through 5th will be completing our Spring Fast Bridge Assessment window April 26-May 6 in Reading & Math. This data shows growth from the beginning of the year, middle of year, and now the end of year. If you are interested in your student's scores, please ask your child's teacher.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Community Togetherness Event on March 29, 2021! The event showcased many of our local businesses and partners available to families in our area. We look forward to planning another event in the future.

Summer school plans are in the works at the elementary level and more information to come next month.

Important Dates:

  • Field Trip Dates will be communicated through each grade level, if you have questions, please call the office for more information
  • Music Program Dates below
  • May 17 Field Day K-5, parents are welcomed with more information to come
  • May 19 Last Day of school early Dismissal 1:30

Mrs. Karn

COVID Update as of May 1st

As a district we have decided based on information we have received from Fall River Health Services and DOH, to discontinue the “Mask Zone” requirement beginning May 1st. All staff that have chosen to get vaccinated will be getting to the 14-day mark after their 2nd shot, which according to Jim Woehl at FRHS will place them at 95+% immunity. The CDC has also changed their social distance guidance for some age students down to 3 feet. We still have students and staff that are concerned about Covid and we will still be officially recommending, but not requiring masks. We will monitor the COVID situation over the summer, but we, as are many other Black Hills districts, are planning to start next year without any restrictions. A sincere thank your support to help us get through this.

Mr. Fischer

PTA News

Thank you to families who send Lynn's Dakota receipts. Please continue to send those with your student. These receipts support our schools and help us buy things for staff and students. Currently we have earned $1,100 for our schools!

More information on EduKits to come for the 21-22 school year. This program allows for school supplies to be delivered directly to the school for the supplies that have been listed for the grade level your child is going to be in.

Next meeting will be April 26 4 pm in the Board Room & look forward to collaborating with you.