Travel Team

By - Michael Gonzalez


  • Danny Walker
  • Ty Ross
  • Mr. Ross
  • Mrs. Walker
  • Richie Walker
  • Will
  • Coby
  • Tess


Danny Walker tries out for the travel basketball team the Vikings but doesn't make it because he was too small. His father Richie Walker was a professional basketball player that played for the Golden State Warriors until he got into a car accident. Danny's father was a legend in the small town of Middletown and Danny tries to be just like him.

How it affected Danny

  • Lonely without his father
  • Grew up not knowing his father
  • Grew up with-out a father figure

Rising Action

Richie Walker returns to Middletown. He wants to start a travel team for his son. Most of the players on the team also tried out for the Vikings but were cut. They even recruit a girl, Colby to play for them.


After their first win, they decide to get pizza together as a team. On the way to the pizza place Danny's father Richie gets into another car accident re-injuring his hip. With his father not being able to coach Danny had to take charge of the team and become the kid coach. After the Vikings lose to Pipping Rock, they are ranked the second best team in the league and have to play the Warriors in the first round of the playoffs. The Warriors recruit Ty Ross whose dad coaches the Vikings. With 1 minute left in

the game they are down by 1 point.

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Falling Action

In the final seconds of the game, Danny commits a double crossover move and passes to Ty Ross, who shoots and wins the game for the Warriors. The play they ran was the same play that his father had run to win the championship game when he was a kid.


At the end of the book, the Warriors prove to Middletown that sometimes being small doesn't mean that you can't play big. They played their best game and came out victorious even though they were the smallest team in the league. You can't underestimate someone who is small because you never know the kid might have more heart.