Should We Test On Animals?

What Tests Should Be Done?

Pros & Cons

For Testing: Research, Sacrifice, The Food We Eat, Other Uses

Against Testing: Religion, Cruel, Treatment, Doesn't Produce Accurate Results, Suffering

Legal Considerations

State Law: Allows to test on certain animals.


Scientific: Animal Research Means Medical Progress

Legal: Required To Be Tested

Ethical Considerations

Harms: Animals Suffer

Benefits: We Get Answers

Just Some of The Tests Done on Animals...

Eye Irritancy

Developed by John H. Draize in 1944. He performed his tests on rabbits.

Acute Toxicity

Testes the danger of chemical exposure by mouth, skin or inhalation.

Cosmetic Testing

  • Most companies will lie about it
  • Trading Requirements & Consumer Protection

Drug Testing

Tests to find the affect.

What Do I Think?

It should be allowed with certain limitations.

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