Problem-Based Learning in Classroom


Problem-Based learning in the classroom

Problem-Based Learning in the classroom is incorporating technology into your teaching to further engage and receive a great understanding from the students.
Ms.Cassidy's Class Blog

Ms.Cassidy realized that having a blog was a great way to update parents on what their students were learning. She also involves other kinds of technology in her classroom. They include ipads, programing robots and an ozbot.


Ms.Cassidy's classroom are using so many fun ideas to teach the students about technology but the one I would to focus on is the blog itself. Not only does the teacher use this blog to update parents but the students use the blog to show what and how they are learning. This is extremely creative because the students each have their own page of the blog. It looks as though they get to write what they want about themselves and they have even made videos about their new found knowledge.
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This is a great way to have the whole class work together, to create the daily blog post or you could have just a couple of students each day work out what to say, what to show, and really be in charge of the blog for that day.
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So, not only is this blog creative and fun for the students to learn and grow on, they can also collaborate using their blog. There is a link on the side of the blog connecting Twitter to the blog. Here they could communicate with the world. Perhaps they could connect with a professional and have him tweet back and forth with them.
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Critical Thinking

This is real world thing to do. Blogging is very big part of our society today. These students will already have a simple understanding of it at a young age because of this class.