All About Me

Avneet Lidder

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Who Am I?

Hi my name is Avneet, I am 14 years old, born on June 22, 2001, in Toronto,Ontario. I am the youngest in my family, I have one older brother that is 19, turning 20 in December, and one sister that is 17, and turning 18 in June. I am weird, funny, kind, and adventurous. I am very passionate about animals. I would like to pursue in a career that revolves around animals and the care of them. On my spare time, I like to hang out with my friends and family. My favourite sport is soccer, because I find it really fun.

My Life Line

My Favourite things?

My favourite thing's to do are, hanging out with my friends, listen to music and go shopping. I like to hang out with some of my friends because they are fun and we do weird things together, like prank call or we go to the park and stay there for hours. I like to listen to songs if I get bored and the songs I listen to are, Earned it by The Weeknd, and Often by The Weeknd. I like to listen to these songs because, The Weeknd is one of my favourite artist and I love his songs. Lastly, I like to go shopping, because I like to buy things, and try things on.

The Weeknd - Earned It (Fifty Shades Of Grey) (Lyric Video)

My Leadership Style

The leadership style that I am is, leader as a delegator, because I am the person that tell's people to get the supplies and give them to me so I can finish it. An example is, every year I organize my cousin's birthday party, I always tell my family to get me the supplies that I need so I can decorate it and make it look nice for her.
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My Influences

My influences are my best friends, because my friends are always there for me. My best friends/influences are Sharry and Simran. They are my best friends/influences because they stick out for me, they are there when I need them. My best friends and I do everything together, we always go to each others house's every week. My friends made me who I am today by, being myself, and not caring what other people think of me or us and I am comfortable around them. My best friends and I have the same personality, they are like my other half. We are weird, funny, kind, adventurous, loud, annoying, crazy and caring.

Role Models/People in my life?

One person in my life that is important to me in my life/my role model is my sister. My sister has inspired me to be better. My sister is always there for me and is very loving and caring. She is always there for me in times of need, and helps me with homework. Even though we fight, I know I won't be able to live without her. She is a hard-worker, and tries her best at everything. She motivates me to do better and be better. She inspires me in many different ways and no matter what, I know I can count on her. My sister has been a great influence on not only me, but also others.
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My Future

In the future, I plan on attending post-secondary to further study subjects related to animals. One of my interests is also doing make-up, and I believe that I will also go for schooling to that. I want to be a veterinarian and help animals in need in the future. I am interested because I love animals and want to keep them safe. I plan on taking science related courses because that is what I will need to become a vet. I need to take math as well and apply for post-secondary in grade 12. For being a make-up artist, I am going to take some courses and maybe work in a salon or have my own side business. I plan to be a vet full time and do makeup on the side.

My Family Symbol

One of my symbols is the Indian flag. It represents all of us, as it is our nationality. I grew up with Indian traditions and having a sense of home with me no matter where I am. My whole family besides my siblings are born in India. The morals that have been taught to me have been passed down by ancestors which are traced back to India. The Indian flag represents who I am and who they are. The second symbol is the 'Khanda'. It represents my culture and faith. This relates back to what I said earlier. It means a lot to not only me but also my family. The third symbol I chose is the CN Tower. This represents the home that my parents and family built for not only me but themselves too. Canada, more specifically Toronto is their new home and has always been my home. It is a city that I grew up in, and I would never want to change that part of me.

Personality Test Results

1) Learning styles Test

The score that I got on the Learning Styles Test was 33% for Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic. I agree with this because I am a visual learner, and I like to take notes. I agree with learning by listening too, because I do learn when I listen to people. Lastly I learn more by when I touch things.

2) Personality Test

The personality that I got on the Personality Test was ESTP (extroverted, sensing, thinking, perceiving). I agree with this type of personality, because I am outgoing, and active. I do have difficulty staying focused sometimes and following the instructions.

3) Interest Tests

The score that I got on the Interests Test was 73% for Social and 54% for Investigative. I agree with this because I am around people all the time. And I am pretty social. Also I need to be involved in things like, sharing ideas or research.

4) Knowledge Test

The score that I got on the Knowledge Test was 78% in Science and 72% in Physical Education and Technical Trades. I agree with this because I do like science and the percentage I got was a 78%, and I like the lesson like chemistry. Also I do agree with physical education because I got a 72%, and I do like playing sports.

5) Motivations Test

The score that I got on the Motivations Test was 83% on Achievement and 81% on Independence. I agree with this because I like to achieve things, and when I achieve things I feel accomplished. Also I agree with the independence because I finish my work fast when I am alone, and when I have everything organized.

6) Multiple Intelligence Test

The highest score that I got on the Multiple Intelligence Test was 80. Highest Score to lowest Score - Section 6 and Section 8, Section 1, Section 2 and Section 9, Section 3 and section 7, Section 5, lastly Section 4. I personally was not surprised at the results. When I look at my abilities, I am very well aware of most of my weaknesses and strengths. My strongest strengths was section 6 and 8, Kinesthetic and interpersonal strength. I believe that my mind is coordinated with my body and that's when and how I learn the best. I learn best when I am active instead of sitting through lessons with little interaction. I am an interpersonal person, meaning that I understand myself and know what I want. This may be also a reason to why I wasn’t surprised with the outcomes. My weakest strength was section 4, existential strength. I do not really wonder about questions that relate to human life and beyond. Overall, I was not surprised with the outcomes. There was a tie between two of my strongest multiple intelligence, Kinesthetic and interpersonal strength. I am well aware of my weaknesses and strengths. Being intact with yourself will help me in school. I will focus on things that I need to in order to better myself. I also need body movements and examples to remember some material in class. Class must be fun and entertaining. I will ask questions if needed. Although these were the top two strengths that I am strongest in, I believe that I also have other strengths that will help with my learning.

8) True Colours Test

The result that I got for my True Colours Test was Adventurous Orange and Harmonious Blue. I really agree with the true colour assessment. There was a tie with Adventurous Orange, and Harmonious Blue. I agree because I am adventurous, I love to take risk’s, try new thing’s, I am playful, and competitive. I also agree because I do not think before I act, and I do random things that I should not be doing. Also, I agree with Harmonious Blue, because I am very friendly, and sensitive, I do value the feelings of others, I am positive, and I have close’s relationships. Also I am so imaginative, I think of things that are never going to happen. Such as, the world changing in to something better, having world peace, no more war’s, and how the worlds clean, like there is no litter on the floor or the side of the road.