Nimrita Sandhu

The ME Project!

Who am I?

My full name is Nimrita Kaur Sandhu. I am fifteen years old and a grade 10 student at Louise Arbour secondary school. I am a very social and outgoing person, as my friends/family would describe. I have many hobbies including reading, cooking, doing makeup and binge watching Netflix. I also love roller coasters despite my fear of heights. Furthermore, I have a very big family. Both my parents have 7 siblings each, which means I have a lot of cousins. I absolutely love all my cousins and I view them more as siblings. Moreover, I have a serious problem with binge watching Netflix. Currently I'm watching 9 shows and my favourite right now is Grey's Anatomy. However, my all time favourite show definitely has to be Friends.

My Lifeline

Starting high school

I started high school in the fall of 2014. After starting high school, I lost many friends because of the transition. But mine and Satveer's friendship only became stronger cause of it. Overall, high school has treated me pretty well compared to middle school.

My Favourite Things

Leadership style

According to I have a pace setter and democratic leadership style. I feel like I am a pace setter in athletic situations, for example in a sport like soccer. I demand that everybody in the team gets to what they're suppose to be doing, right that instant. On the other hand, I show my democratic leadership style in academics, for example in group assignments. I collaborate well in group assignments and usually discuss with the group, to see how we will complete the task.


Palam Gill

Palam is technically my cousin but I treat her like an older sister. Even though we argue a lot, she influences me in many good ways. She helps me to get my priorities straight and has always got me to put school first.

Tanmeet Sangha

Tanmeet is my best friend who also happens to be my cousin. Tanmeet is a very kind and humble person. Whenever I have a problem, I always go to her for advice because I know her advice is always right. She constantly stops me from going down the wrong path and I really appreciate her for that .

Role Model: My mother

My mother grew up in rural Punjab, India. The village she grew up in, offered no opportunities and especially not for women. So at the age of 21, she came to Canada with my Dad. Leaving her whole family behind and only having her husband and in laws to rely on. I am not over exaggerating when I say my parents came to Canada with zero money. For many years my mom worked night shifts trying to make ends meet in a foreign land, which she now calls home. My mom has always been my role model because of her work ethic and determination to succeed. She is honest and hardworking, that is what I adore about her most. Like most first generation Canadians, I just want to accomplish something big in life, so my parent's sacrifices will be worth it.

Future: What I want to be

When I grow up, I want to become a lawyer. I've always had an interest in law, starting from elementary school. Currently, I am planning to go to the University of Western Ontario and studying either social or political sciences.

Family Symbols

Quiz Results

a) Learning Styles: Auditory-Kinesthetic learner

  • Personality: ENTJ
  • Interests: The mentor
  • Knowledge: Social Science
  • Motivation: Independence
b) Multiple Intelligences: Interpersonal and Linguistic

d) True Colours: Orange-Blue


f) My career type is persuading

g) I am more left-brain but the percentages only had a difference of 8.


The quiz that was the most accurate and/or helpful for me was the MyBlueprint one. It gave me a real sense of what my personality is like and which field of study I would like to pursue in post-secondary. This is because on the knowledge portion of the quiz, my result was social science. I always had an idea that I might possibly do a Bachelors in social sciences, but I feel like this quiz just made my plan for the future just a bit more clear.

The quiz that was the most inaccurate and/or least helpful for me was the True Colours one. This is because it did not ask many questions and my results only had a difference of 1-3 points. It did not give me a real sense of what my True Colours are because it just showed that I'm basically a little of everything. That to me seems like the quiz results were inaccurate and the results just kind of confused me on what kind of personality I have.

In my opinion, my four strengths are being extroverted, organized, hopeful and convincing. Firstly, I am very extroverted. I have no problem starting a conversation with a stranger, and it's very easy for me to make friends. After my awkward stage of middle school, I feel like I have no problem talking to new people. It just comes naturally to me and because I am a extrovert, I see myself taking on a lot of leadership roles. Additionally, I am very organized. I keep my binder and notes very neat. I am so organized that it bugs me to see somebody who isn't, it's just a small pet peeve of mine. Furthermore, I am hopeful and rarely give up. Unlike most people around me, I understand that one bad mark on a test isn't the end of the world. I always prepare for the worst but hope for the best. Lastly, I am convincing. Whenever I want something from my parents, I don't beg. I only ask once or twice because before I ask them, I come with a essay format argument. Point, evidence and explanation, because of that 90% of the time I get my way without having to be stubborn like most teenagers.

My four weaknesses are helping too much, laziness, procrastination and not thinking of consequences. Firstly, whenever somebody asks for help, I go out of my way to provide it. For example. in grade 9, I basically did this girl's English assignment for her and we were not even friends. This causes for people to take advantage of me but I like helping people. I just wish people actually deserved it. Additionally, I am very lazy. I hear it from my mother every Saturday morning. I receive a lecture about when she was my age, but I still continue to be lazy. Furthermore, I procrastinate a lot, especially with schoolwork. For example, if I had 72 years to do homework, I would not do it till the night before. Lastly, I make a lot of decisions without thinking of the consequences. For example, if I'm in an argument with somebody, I would say a lot of things I don't mean in the heat of the moment.

Nothing much has surprised me about myself through these quiz results. I always had an idea of how my personality is like and what kind of person I am. These quiz results just gave me a better and clear sense of what careers I am likely or would pursue.