By Isaiah Gowen and Tucker Mogren


The government had processes of political reform. The government of South Africa had a new constitution ratified to support the whites. The Groups Area Act of 1950 separated the whites from the blacks. And people who were non-Whites were denied voting rights. This is how South Africa had political reform.
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There were many racial separations during the Apartheid. Whites and nonwhites were forced to have separate living spaces along with unequal rules depending on their race. There was no “mixing” in South Africa during this time, each race had its own living area. Along with poor living conditions, nonwhites were forced by whites to learn their language to make communication easier. That was all happening in South Africa. On a global scale, South Africa was not allowed to participate in the International Federation of Football Association’s World cup (FIFA World Cup). This is the biggest sporting event in the world, and in some parts of South Africa, football (soccer) is a religion and a way of life, one that they were disallowed to participate in. (But on a better note, the previous 2010 FIFA World Cup was held in South Africa.)
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There was an economic struggle for the South African government because of apartheid. The value of the South African dollar dropped. There was a labor shortage during World War II, making the government have to us black workers. And Europe and North American put sanctions on South Africa. This is how their was an economic struggle because of apartheid.
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Causes/ Overview

The apartheid led to many changes in the african government. Because of Apartheid, there was no african representatives holding a government position. And, The government set up media censorship to hide what was really going on in South Africa from the rest of the world. This is how apartheid led to changes in the South African government.
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Impacts after in ended

There was an immediate downward spiral of negative effects after the end of the Apartheid. The people who were put in prison because they were an activist for the end of Apartheid were releases. Apartheid ended in the fall of the 1990’s, was observed as great victory for the blacks in South Africa, But it still took a little while for all the blacks to get their rights back. This is how the end of Apartheid led to a downward spiral for the blacks.


They were reluctant to give up until they achieved their goal of equality in South Africa. The blacks in South Africa wanted to fight more for rights after hearing that the US passed Civil Rights laws. Nelson Mandela worked towards non-Apartheid and was put in jail because of it. There was economic stantons were put on South Africa from other countries. South Africa was not allowed to be in the world cup that year, and they were banned from the olympics for that year also. This is some resistance that happened because of Apartheid.
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