By Austin Walter


Iraq is in the Middle East bording the Persion Gulf between Iran and Kuwait and Syria.

Country Basics

The capital of Iraq is Baghdad , and the population is 33.42 million people and the major language is Arabic,Kurdism ,and Turkmen .And the climate is mostly hot and dry


total land is 437,367 sq km ,total of water is 950 sq km ,and total of Iraq is 438,317 sq km.Its coordinates are 3300 N and 4400 E . There GDP per capita is 6,862,50 [ 2014]


In Iraq they play football ,tennis , and kickboxing for fun and lesson to Mesopotamia music .They wear a type of clothing that keeps them cool in the desert heat it also covers there face from the sand winds .

interesting facts

Iraq has one of the oldest cultures in history ,and they celebrate two New Years days .There national dish is Masgauf , and they love to dance and eat

natural resources

natural gas ,petroleum,and sulfer are there main types of natural resources