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April 16, 2014

Curation Tools

Curation tools are quickly rising to the top of web apps available. But what exactly are curation tools? To curate means to select, organize, and maintain items in a collection. Curation tools are easy to use and aid in organizing all that web content you keep finding on the internet.

There is an expansive amount of content on the web creating an overload of information. Curating is a way to select and keep information you like to remember, and can new information from others. I have selected a few of the newer curation tools for you to organize your educational content in 1 place!

You all are doing great work!

Tech Enlightenment

Time is almost up!! Our last six weeks is here!

Check the Gallego or Zachry calendar and on the homepage on the right side frame. Check out LISD's training calendar. If interested, please get approval by administration before registering.

The registration links are already set up, if you are interested click on register for the direct link to Eduphoria. Don't miss out or get left behind.

In addition, take the survey afterwards found under the registration link label 'survey' or in the District Surveys section under the District Resources tab.

I rescheduled some trainings, be sure to check the homepage calendar for the update.

Virtual field trips with webcams

Ever wonder how to take a field trip for free. Try a virtual field trip! Webcams, which stream live videos are a great, free resource to utilize in your class for optimal learning. Students can observe the animals in their natural habitat. Try these in your next lesson!

Honorable Mentions

Ustream and EarthCam are not designated as education; however, they have webcams for animals and other topics. Search before plugging in.

I have been following the Decorah eagles for two years now! They have recent hatchlings. Your students will love following these little chicks as they grow. This is a great teachable moment!

Click on the links for a live look at the Decorah eagles in their nest, 4 ft. in diameter approximately 60 ft. up in a Cottonwood tree!

Differentiate with technology!

Extra Freebie!

Duolingo is a free app to learn any language you wish!! Use it with your self or with your ELLs.

Duolingo app~ iOS

Duolingo app~Android

A reminder...

E-mail communication is by far the fastest and easiest way to communicate with colleagues and administration. With our new web application Microsoft Office 365, you can launch the program and keep it running, there is no refreshing. Plus, when you get an e-mail, you have the sound alert. Make sure you update your favorites link to reflect the new one bypassing all the logins.

Be sure you keep up with your e-mails morning and afternoon. If you need help adding or using Office 365 e-mail on the iPad, do not hesitate to ask, I can assist you.

A word of caution... security threat & Windows announcement