Cold War

8 events, people, or things

Cultural Revolution

This was a call on the youths army to get rid of the people leading China in the wrong direction. The youth army however done bad then good, Mao Zedong had to step in, telling the youth army how out of control they were. This resulted in leaving a bad look on Chinese politic.

Cuban Missile Crisis

With an entire bunch of weapons and missile sites in Cuba caused an rivalry between the two countries and more arguments as well that extended the cold war.

Berlin Airlift

Stalin shut down the resources to any allied countries. Stalin way was going on for quite some time, but towards the end Stalin gave up. This resulted in a waste of time and waste of resources

The Vietnam War

A war between North and South Vietnam. With a lot of invasions and battles between the Soviets and the U.S. increased the Cold war.

38th parallel

The place where the the U.S. and Soviets decided to divided North and South Korea. With one side of Korea being communist and the other anti communist delayed the cold war even more because of the battles each side would have to take control of the entire Korea.

Truman Doctrine

Truman tried to save countries who were likely to fall under communism. Truman believed he was helping but in reality he was not, his "helping" caused communist to react. This caused even more competition between the two (communist & anticommunist)


A policy to give money to countries so they would stay democratic. This policy cause more issues between the two political ways. This delayed the cold war because the two political sides wanted to win.

Ho Chi Minh

Vietnamese journalist, people looked up to him as a leader however. When the french came to take over Vietnam, Ho made groups to fight against the french. In return the french continue to fight back which delayed the cold war.