Paris, France

welcome to the city of love

France's favorite food

If you are hungry and/or thirsty while in Paris, you have plenty of items to choose from. When in Paris, you must try their croissants or other baked goods. If you feel like stepping outside the box, I recommend one of their local specialties, Pate de foie gras (geese liver), lappin (rabbit), or their famous escargot. Of course, coq au vin (chicken in wine sauce) is always a sure thing, but if you think French cuisine is the only food available, then you would be wrong. If you like French wine, you are in good company. France has hundreds of wines to choose from, with the ability to spend as little or as much on a bottle as you desire. When in Paris seeing all of the sites, stop and try something new and don't forget to have a glass wine with your meal.

Paris - So much to see, so little time!!!!

You should never go to Paris without making a trip to see the Eiffel Tower. It's one of the most spectacular sites in the city. However, if you think the Eiffel Tower is the only landmark, you would be quite wrong. Take a trip out to see Jardin Des Tuileries, a museum of outdoor sculptures. Whether you are an art enthusiast or just someone who likes paintings, you will love visiting this museum, as well as all the others that reside in Paris. Another great place to see is Sainte-Chapelle, a gothic church built as a shrine by Louis IX. It is the most beautiful church in Paris, with high ceilings and multiple stained-glass windows. Can you name some other landmarks in Paris (besides the Eiffel tower)?

History of Paris

What is historical about Paris? Did you know that Paris was discovered around the 3rd Century? Do you remember one of the memorable and historical times in Paris history; the beheading of Marie Antoinette on October 16, 1793. Let's not forget that the greatest developmental times in Paris was during the Industrialized Revolution, when railroads and other forms of transportation were built, allowing immigrants passage into Paris. Lastly, we should never forget that in 476 a.d., Paris included Catholicism, which today is one of the most important aspects of French culture.

Weather in Paris

Summers in Paris are the perfect time to go to the beach, with temperature hovering around 75 degrees. Spring and Fall tend stay in the low to mid 60's, with winter averaging around 40 degrees. The best time to visit Paris will depend on your desires and tastes, as Paris' seasons all offer something unique.

French is the language of love

While French is the most common language spoken in Paris, other languages are spoken as well. They speak British, Dutch, Euchar, and German. French is the second most studied language. When you visit France, the government doesn't regulate the language you speak. Is French your love language????

Paris is for people in love

Plan your vacation to Paris today!!!! France is the number one toured place in the world, especially for those in love; bringing in around 79.5 million tourists a year. There is something for Lisa), food(French cuisine), beaches(sun and sand), and so much more. What's not to love about's one of the most famous places in the world.

Paris - France (the city)