VCR Lesson 3

By: Raivyn McNeal-Tidwell

Fill in the blank

The teacher was not going to deal with misbehavior in her class and sent the ********* student to the office.
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Extraordinarily bad; flagrant


  • Shockingly noticeable or evident
  • Notorious or scandalous

Related forms

  • egregiously, adverb
  • egregiousness, noun

Egregious use to mean "remarkably good" but in the sixteenth century it began to take on the opposite definition of badness and it has retained this definition ever since.


  1. atrocious
  2. heinous
  3. glaring
  4. grievous


  1. concealed
  2. good
  3. hidden

Choose the sentence where egregious is used incorrectly.

  1. The judge described it as the most egregious act she has ever seen.
  2. Many people considers the rapper's lyrics to be egregious because he talks about illegal activities.
  3. The student was happy when he saw his egregious report card because he had received straight A's.
  4. After cheating on the test, the girl was warned that anymore egregious acts would lead to expulsion.

The correct answer is 3 because it uses the archaic definition of remarkably good or admirable.