Chisholm Update

March 5

Greeting Chisholm Families!

Can you believe that spring break is just around the corner? I always find myself amazed at how fast time seems to fly by from year to year. We are quickly approaching the 1 year anniversary (March 13, 2020) of the last day typical day of school before the Covid pandemic began to wreak havoc on our daily lives.

This past week our school board voted to return to class 4 days a week beginning on March 11th for elementary students and March 22nd for secondary students. Under this plan, all students will be in school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for each week. Wednesdays will still be a remote instruction day, to give our teachers time to plan for in-person and remote instruction should students need to be quarantined due to Covid positive or close contact.

While this return to class plan brings all students together for in-person learning 4 days a week, it does not mean we will be returning to school like it was before March 13th. Many of the guidelines we've been following throughout the year will continue during this time.

Students and staff will still need to wear masks, and we will continue to limit guests and interactions in the building. We will do our best to separate students from each other to help mitigate the potential spread of the virus, but this will become more difficult once our daily student population doubles.

Since we aren't going to be able to distance all students 6 feet from one another, we've asked our teachers to place their class students in groups or pods. These groups or pods will sit together in the class, during lunch, and when they go to specials. This should help minimize the potential spread of the virus throughout the entire class, but it will potentially increase risk within the group.

As we move forward it will be as important as ever to inform our school as you become aware of possible Covid positive or contact cases. This information is vital for us to limit the spread throughout the classroom or building.

With the recent downtrend of Covid related cases and our state vaccination rollout program, it seems like maybe we are beginning to the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully, that will be the case moving forward, but only time will give us those answers.

Thank you again for your support, words of encouragement, and understanding which has been evident throughout the year. In a year full of change and inconsistencies, the constant from day one has been our amazing students!

We are looking forward to having both groups (A and B) come together on March 11, and we are excited to clear another big hurdle in the return to normalcy.

Swine Week Dress Up Changes

With all students returning on Thursday, March 11th, we will move planned dress-up days for A students to Thursday and Friday of next week.

Thursday, March 11th - Wear your favorite team clothing

Friday, March 12th - Wear pink for Swine Week.

We will announce all our winners and fundraising totals on Friday, March 12

Arrival and Dismissal

With all students returning for in-person instruction on March 11, we anticipate arrival and dismissal taking a little longer than during A/B.

Arrival - Please have your students gather their belongings as they arrive in the parking lot, and pull forward as far a possible along the curb towards the end of the first-grade hallway. This will allow more cars to turn into the parking lot. If possible, please try to have your students exit the car on the curbside of the car, which is safer and more efficient.

Dismissal - If entering from the west, please don't turn right on red. This will allow cars entering from the east a chance to turn in when they get a green arrow. Please have your car tag hanging in a visible area. Entering the numbers is what alerts your student to begin moving to the dismissal area. If you don't have your tag, you will need to park and come into the school so we can verify the person we are dismissing the student to.

We anticipate this process to take longer in the beginning but know it will improve in the following weeks. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work out the kinks.

Students that live within our boundaries, can also utilize bus transportation to and from school. If your child has never ridden the bus before or you would inquire more information, (bus stops, bus number, etc.) please call 340-2962.

2020-21 Yearbooks

Orders are open now until May 14th. Click the link to order the yearbook, and enter your student's first and last name, their grade, and homeroom teacher's LAST name!

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