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January 27, 2023

Greeting SELC PK Families,

Stowe Early Learning Center houses over 300 kids between the ages of birth through grade 5. There has been an increase of unsafe driving in our lots again. It is with URGENCY that I ask you to slow down, be patient, and use entrances and exit lanes appropriately. There are little ones coming and going to and from the SELC campus all day long and we must ensure they remain safe at all times.

Again, thank you for sharing your SELC experience with family and friends who have PK age kiddos! They can apply at www.enfieldschools.org by clicking on the red tile that says Stowe Early Learning Center Applications. See link below!


  • If you have not updated your child's "change of clothes for school" since the Fall, now is a great time to do so! Even if your child does not have bathroom accidents, PK brings the possibility of milk, water, or food spills, damp playground equipment, puddles, etc.

  • Parking lot safety is still a top priority. Winter weather could arrive at any time, making it even more urgent for everyone to SLOW DOWN AND PARK IN A SPACE.

  • Remember to dress your child in layers, as it is easier to remove clothing if they are warm at school.

  • Please send your Eaglet with mittens/hats and a warm winter jacket as we try to get outside even if it is for a walk around the building.
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SELC is committed to ensuring inclusive environments where children see themselves reflected in classroom materials, books, and other visuals. We want all of our Eaglets to feel that they belong. As Black History Month approaches, I am sharing a classic award winning children's book, The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. Click the link below to learn more about the history of the book.
The Snowy Day Read-aloud, an animated story

Attendance in PK and beyond

PK is NOT mandatory and therefore attendance is not treated the same way as it is once your child enters Kindergarten. That said, we do monitor attendance monthly and strive for 85% or better. Persistent illness continues to create disruption to attendance and we thank you for keeping your kiddos home when they are not feeling at their best and for communicating this with us. Preschool is a great time to start building a habit of good attendance. Young children with poor attendance in preschool also lose out on valuable learning time and if chronic absence continues into kindergarten, it can pull down academic achievement. I am pleased to report that SELC's average attendance for all PK programs from September to date has not dipped below 80%! This is a true testament to our families.

See the link below for more information regarding attendance.

Tis the season where many SELC families start thinking about the transition to Kindergarten!

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Menu Week of 1/30/2023

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SAVE THE DATE!!! More details to come...

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Visiting the Dentist

Community Resource Guide for Young Families-WINTER VERSION

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Consumer Product Safety Commission Recalls 1-27-23

Getting to Know Stowe! (I will keep this posted for a few weeks so you have it at your fingertips!)

Joining a new school community can sometimes feel like learning a new language as you acclimate to the procedures, environment, people, and lingo. See below to begin learning about all things Stowe:

  • SELC=Stowe Early Learning Center
  • SELC=our mascot (the eaglet featured above)
  • FEO=Family Educator Organization
  • ECDC=Enfield Child Development Center
  • EPS=Enfield Public Schools
  • FRC=Family Resource Center
  • IPS=Integrated Pre-K
  • HS=Head Start
  • KITE=Key Initiatives to Early Education
  • PKS=PK STEAM Academy
  • Eaglets=all children taking part in any program at SELC


  • Main Office=860-253-4741
  • Head Start Family Support=860-253-4717
  • Nurse=860-763-8858
  • FRC=860-253-6580
  • KITE=860-253-6502

Our building is quite unique in that we house 4 PK programs, a Family Resource Center, and KITE.