Bacall and Associates

Bacall and Associates: Why Us ?


Bacall and Associates is not affiliated or under any bank or insurance firm whatsoever. Our independence allows us the flexibility to deliver to you excellent financial advice and solutions not tainted with any conflict of interest.

· We disclose our strategies of financial service in written form to our customers.

· We are continually on a learning stance at every moment.

· We work as one team.

Estate Planning

Ever considered how others will use your life savings once you are no longer here? Although we try to avoid the question, it will happen sooner or later.

We guide you in creating a viable estate plan with reduced tax and management issues. The plan will present simple measures you can take to allocate your wealth.

Investment Advice

With our network of associates in many financial institutions and independent financial services firms, we offer our clients financial counsel free of any conflict of interest.

Each individual has one’s own personal financial options which we will determine and evaluate along with the client throughout the investment process. We will suggest excellent investments which fit your circumstances and lifestyle and then help you handle them professionally to reach your particular objectives. The most valuable contribution you can give is to collaborate closely with us to determine the real nature of risk and how you can minimize it impact on your wealth.

Risk Management

The ability to eliminate or transfer risk effectively involves understanding the real risks involved and how they will influence the growth or decline of your investment concerns.

After having identified those risks, we will help you design a plan that will guarantee your peace of mind, that is, a strong strategy that can bring sufficient cover during adverse market conditions.

Tax Planning Services

The Bacall and Associates maintains a strong and continuing association with strategic accounting professionals who support the needs of our customers. We cannot overemphasize the value and benefits of allowing expert Chartered Accountants process your tax computations.

Tax professionals possess the knowhow and capability required to deliver quality service according to your particular circumstances. We work with you closely as well as with your tax-planning counselor to give you prudent and beneficial tax advice.

We will refer you to a qualified accountant, when needed, or collaborate with your own tax counselor you have retained for years.