We Welcome you to Mitchland!

Our Motto is: QUESADILLA!

What does QUESADILLA mean?

Q is Quiet (for the most part)

U is Unpopular (can still be cool)

E is Education

S is Safe

A is Athletic

D is for no DEET (no Dangerous chemicals)

I is Interesting

L is Loving

L is Lively

A is pure Awesome!

Why in the World Would You want to come Here?

The "Outside World" is Currently a Nasty Place!

As of today, the world outside of Mitchland is heavily polluted, filled with political corruption, unhappiness, low-quality products, war, and emphasis by corporations on how to live our lives.

In Mitchland, you have nothing to worry about! Everyone here has a place in it, based on what they are best at, what they like doing, and, though a minor requirement, how smart they are. This ensures you are always happy!

Not only that, but in Mitchland, we strive to make the highest quality products for your needs, whether it be pottery or a computer. And all that pollution in the cities is nothing here, where you either take the subway, walk, or bike to all your destinations. All fuel is used from decomposing plants and is made on the spot from last night's leftovers!

These are just a few of the exciting things awaiting you! Remember, EVERYONE is valued in Mitchland!

How does the American Dream Apply?

Mitchland applies all aspects of the American Dream. We believe in Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, working hard to achieve goals (thus having the highest quality products around), and with equal opportunity for everyone to achieve success, as seen in having everyone's skills being put to use in Mitchland.

How is Mitchland like/unlike the dystopia in Fahrenheit 451?

Mitchland is very unlike in virtually every way. No regular military exercises, a large focus on education and access to knowledge, and doing things you want to do, are all things in Mitchland does that F451 does not. Albeit, there is an emphasis on athletics to keep fit, but it is not the sole purpose of Mitchland. Mitchland is about having fun!

What about the intellectuals?

Intellectuals, while really smart, are valued no more than a high school dropout craftsman. They do provide insight and great ideas, but are not seen as either evil or as "gods," they are as special as everyone else.


A potential problem that may arise are people using other people's work to get an advantage in society and get ahead. Others may do illegal things to get ahead, like murder someone. And there certainly are other issues. How do we deal with them? For the worst offenders, we excommunicate them, removing them from Mitchland. Lesser offenders will be given up to ten warnings before being excommunicated.

Some drawbacks to living in Mitchland are having to walk or bike everywhere, though Mitchland is a small place, horizontally. The buildings in Mitchland are very tall, which may be a pain to walk up the stairs when the escalator is broken. There is a lot of collaboration in Mitchland's economy, so there isn't much competition within Mitchland.

If a person wants to leave Mitchland at any time, they are allowed to do as they wish, and are welcome back anytime.

People who may consider this a dystopia may be just outside corporations believing we're trying to put them out of business, along with radical "non-progressives."