McDaniel Memo

Friday, March 6

We made it through round one of ISTEP!!

Pi Day- 3.1415

This March 14th is a very special day in the math/science world. We will celebrate its special meaning on Friday the 13th. We will be doing activities to better understand circumference, diameter, and radius. We will also learn a little bit more on Albert Einstein, since the 14th was his birthday. I thought it might be fun if the class dresses like a scientist. They can wear lab coats, glasses, anything that makes them look like Albert Einstein.
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Next week hopes to be a "normal" week where we are back into our Daily 5 routine.


We will take an overall look at folktales and what types of stories fall into this category. We will spend a week looking at fables.


We will review nouns, verbs, and adjectives.


We are in the home stretch of getting our animal and Zionsville books completed. Don't forget to return the order form, even if you are not ordering!


Students use their fraction cards to find equivalent matches.

Chapter 8 test will be on Monday, March 9th.

Social Studies

This week we have been working on different types of map skills. We have talked about the continents, oceans, coordinates, and cardinal directions. Next week we will look at landforms, physical and political maps.

Dates to Remember


Wednesday the 11th- Family Science Night 6-7:30

Friday the 13th- Dress like a scientist day to celebrate 3.14 (Pi Day)

Saturday the 14th- SGE Silent Auction

Monday the 16th- Animal books due

Friday the 20th- College spirit dress up day

Tuesday the 24th- Visit the 4th grade wax museum

Friday the 27th- Sunday April 5th- Spring Break

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The class talks about teamwork during Zionsville History.