My Test 1 Study Guide

by jon shashoua

Post lab 1

  • Red liquid is called phenol red
  • It is used as a PH indicator
  • the PH scale ranges from 0-14
  • 0-6 is acidic, 7 is neutral, and 8-14 is alkaline
  • substance A was calcium chloride
  • it is mildly acidic
  • it is hydro tropic (attracted to water)
  • its compound is calcium plus chlorine
  • uses are canned veggies (preservative), electrolytes in sport drinks, flavors pickles
  • Substance B is sodium bicarbonate(baking soda)
  • It is basic
  • Uses are cat litter, tooth paste, and laundry detergent

Lab 2 blue dots and box questions

  • when heated baking soda shows no difference in appearance
  • the top of the test tube is cloudy and condensation is occurring
  • what is being viewed in the inverted bottle is water being expelled
  • the gas is coming from the baking soda
  • the droplets are coming from gas cooling and reverting into a liquid at the top of the hose
  • The color of the heated baking soda with tea is dark orange
  • The color of the non heated baking soda with tea is honey orange
  • some experimental errors could be the stopper not all the way in or the tubing could have a hole in it
  • When baking soda is heated produces past that helps bread rise


  • cm cubed (cubic centimeters)
  • Volume L * W * H
  • Standard unit of length is the meter
  • 1cm = 0.01m
  • 100cm = 1m
  • single pan balance steps
  1. check pan is clean and dry
  2. always zero balance before each measurement (use adj knob if needed)
  3. never switch pans (serial number matches scales)
  4. pick up balances by red only
  5. don't zero balance when done