Changing these issues with Kalpana Raghuraman

Clearing Event

Clearing events are all about clearing stuff that is up for you regarding a specific topic, using the potent tools of Access Consciousness. Through the verbal processes we can unstick you from where you are stuck and create more ease and space in various areas in your life.

A clearing event is a very effective and fun way of creating change by asking questions. The participants are the ones who create the class: your questions will allow for things to be cleared, and for awareness to be brought up. Things change with true ease and speed here.

Morning Session: Changing Your Finances and the Drama around Money

Here we take a look at your points of views and judgments about your financial situation and start to clear stuff so that we can get to a space of more choice and ease. What if the financial crisis does not have to affect you? What if changing a job, buying a car or house is not any more about if you can ‘afford’ it but if it can bring in more money and expansion? If money was not the issue, then what would you choose? And how can you create more ease with money and money flows that allows you to create your life from choice and possibilities instead of from lack and problems.

Verbal Clearings and learning of some simple and effective Access tools, will make this event one of true change!

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Afternoon Session: The Love of Your Life: Finding and Holding on to ‘The One’

This clearing session is on perhaps one of the most discussed topic: relationships!

Many people seem to not be able to find their so-called ‘soulmate’ and the ones who dó, do not always find this to be a pleasant experience. Drama and trauma seem to be the operative words here. But is this really fun and working for you?

What if having an intimate relationship with your partner does not involve judging you, changing you or your partner? What if you do not have to change your likes and dislikes to make things work between you two? I know, it might sound a bit crazy, but what if?! Would it not be much more fun to always be yourself and in a space of vulnerability and intimacy? By being this with yourself, you allow that to be a possibility in your relationship too! Come to this clearing event and allow yourself to step into a whole new way of relating with your partner. And if you have not found a partner yet and you would so love to change your Facebook relationship status: what energy can we shift in you that you attract the partner who allows you to be all of you?!

Sunday 3 August

Sunday 3 August

Morning: 11 am-1pm/ Afternoon: 230-430 pm

The Green Path (Eco Foundation)

Anandi School of Dance

348, Dollars Colony, RMV Club Road

Near Devendra Bus Stop

Raj Mahal Vilas 2nd Stage, Bangalore


One Session (Morning OR Afternoon): Rs. 750

Both Sessions: Rs. 1200

Other Possibilities

During her stay, Kalpana is offering various workshops. Here is a quick list of all the activities :

* Information event: Sunday 27 July

* Clearing Money & Relationship: Sunday 3 August, Dollars Colony

* Access Bars course: Sunday 17 August

* Pain & Injury Relief Workshop: Monday 18 August

* Right Voice for You: stepping into who you are through your voice: Monday 18 August

* Private Sessions & Consults

Guaranteed to bring change and be fun!

Kalpana Raghuraman (Belgium), Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator

Kalpana Raghuraman is an Access Consciousness Facilitator from Europe. She works with people all over the world to create more ease and joy in their lives. Her sharp awareness, kindness & sense of humor make her a loved facilitator.