Desalination <method that allows sea water to be made into fresh water >

Desalination is any process that removes salt from water,some desalination technologies involve evaporating and then condensing water to remove the salt.

Materials & money

  • Desalinated water has risen to $2,329 per acre -foot
  • $.81 per cubic meter
  • Materials are... 1.) desalination plant, 2.) oil field brine pumps, 3.) salt water

Pros and cons

•Fresh water can deliver health benefits that people need.

• Fresh desalination water isn't expensive

•desalination plants are good for the environment


  • To make fresh water the salt needs to be taking out which creates Brine and is very dangerous for vegetarians and wild life.
  • Desalination plants are very expensive to plant.

Interesting & fun facts !

  • It takes about 2 gallons of sea water to make 1 gallon of fresh water.
  • There are about 15000 plants that produce desalinated water.
  • Desalination plants operate in more than 100 countries

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