Pierre de Ronsard

A Renaissance Writer

About Ronsard

Pierre de Ronsard was born on September 11, 1524 in La Poissonniere, France and died on December 27, 1585. He spent most of his life travelling in Germany, Italy, and other Eurpoean countries. His works display secularism and humanism, helping the Renaissance to push forward as one of the most prominent periods of change in history.

Early Life

After having been given a classical education from his family, Ronsard attended the College of Navarre in Paris at the very young age of nine. At seventeen he was afflicted with an incurable deafness, and decided to study Greek at the College de Coqueret. This caused him to become even further invested with his passion for poetry, later earning him his title, "the Prince of Poets".

Later Life

The poet remained in ill health as he continued to write many incredibly famous works of poetry. One poem, Roses, would be the inspiration for the Pierre Ronsard rose, an honor given on the 200th anniversary of his death. Rosnard spent the last years of his life as a minor monk with the Priory of St. Cosme on an ancient island on the Loire river. His literature continues to inspire future generations with its timeless and classic qualities.

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One of Pierre de Ronsard's most famous poems is Roses, or Mignonne allons voir si la rose, a beautiful sonnet that gave the Renaissance writer the honor of the Pierre de Ronsard rose, or the Eden Climber rose. It's a touching and incredibly well written piece, that clearly shows Ronsard's talent. This piece is most closely linked to the Renaissance aspect of secularism because, like most of Ronsard's work, it is not in any way religious. This amount of recognition for a non-religious piece of work is a giant leap to take during a time like the Renaissance, and show's the importance of this French poet's work during this period of change. This poem can currently be found in any copy of Ronsard's completed works, and is displayed in many translated forms all over the internet, including this translation by Andrew Lang.

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