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Manganese (Mn)

It discovered as an element in 1774 by the Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele while working with the mineral pyrolusite.


  • Atomic Number :25
  • Atomic Mass 54.94
  • Group :7
  • Metal : Gray-White
  • Resembles Iron
  • feels bumpy or rough
  • reacts chemically
  • decomposes cold water slowly
  • very brittle and hard


  • Manganese is not found as the free metal in nature.
  • Manganese is a naturally occurring substance found in many types of rock and soil.
  • Can be found in the Earth.
  • Found in a wide variety of foods.

Possible Uses

  • It is used in dry cell batteries to prevent the formation of hydrogen
  • Used to remove the green color in glass that is caused by the presence of iron contaminants
  • As a drying agent in black paints.
  • Many medicines have small amounts of Manganese in them.

Possible Witness/Related Family

  • Technetium( Tc)
  • Rhenium ( Re)
  • Bohrium ( Bh)
  • Other Names Manganese goes by ;

ferromanganese and silicomanganese


10$ per 100g
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