Frida Kahlo's School of Arts

Develop, Create and Innovate

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About Our School

Frida Kahlo's School of Arts focuses on the development of artistic skills specifically concerning Drama, Dance, Music, Visual Arts. Frida Kahlo began painting after she was severely injured in a bus accident. By being able to create masterpieces from her emotional and physical trauma she is a role model for individuals who strive to persevere in life. We believe in implementing her motivational actions into our school philosophy.

  • Our school offers
    - Highly qualified teachers with art degrees
    - Various Workshops within the different art programs
    - Extra academic classes

About Our Logo

The logo we chose for Frida Kahlo School of Arts consists of a variety of warm and cool colours to show our acceptance to diversity. The appealing mix of colours symbolize the development of skill and creativity through collaboration. The silhouette of Frida Kahlo is to remind students of the individual who inspired our school.

About Our Slogan

Our slogan "Develop, Create and Innovate" conveys our school's short-term and long-term goals for our students. The "Develop" in our slogan represents that students who come to our school will help enhance their knowledge and passion. Our students should be able to create any artistic piece effectively by the end of their high school journey. Our school wishes to provide skills to our students in order for them to innovate old artistic pieces and to elevate their understanding of arts.