Community-Wide Equity Audit Mtg #2

Wednesday, December 15, 7pm on Zoom

Meeting access: Click Here

All Students “Belong in the Challenge”

Join the Community-Wide Equity Audit for Peabody and Watkins

What is the Equity Audit?

The Equity Audit is a growth process in which all Peabody and Watkins community members are welcomed and encouraged to engage. The goal of the audit is to examine our schools through an equity lens in order to develop recommendations that will advance our shared vision of a community where everyone feels a sense of belonging and can thrive.

Who’s taking part in the Equity Audit?

The success of this process depends on outcomes that are fully representative voices, ideas, and perspectives of our community. Therefore, we must ensure that the caregivers and staff contributing to each part of the audit – including data analysis, relationship building, and developing equity-driving recommendations – reflect the diversity of the Peabody and Watkins community.

What does the Equity Audit involve?

Process: Throughout the audit, we will explicitly build community while we’re analyzing data so that all participants can engage in conversations about race, class, and equity.

Product: Together, we will develop a shared vision of equity and a set of concrete recommendations to actualize it based on the data analysis participants will conduct.

How will the Equity Audit be organized?

Audit participants will form teams to analyze data and make recommendations. These teams will focus on topics including:

  • Student support in literacy

  • Student support in math

  • Student support in Early Childhood

  • Student support in other subjects

  • Student culture

  • Community culture

What is the timeline for the Equity Audit?

A full commitment to this work would be fantastic. Any contribution is welcome. The work will be synchronous (during meeting times) and possibly asynchronous and independent as well.

  • November: Audit Launch

  • December: Team Organization and Vision Development

  • January: Data Analysis in Teams

  • February: Reflection and Recommendations in Teams

  • March: Share-out of Recommendations Across Teams

  • April: Recommendations Refinement in Teams

  • May: Recommendations and Vision Finalized

How can I get involved with the Equity Audit?