Cougar "Prints"

Week of May 9

Thank you!

What an amazing month we've experienced at Coltrane-Webb STEM Elementary! Like I said Wednesday afternoon, we are all tired, but the past few weeks we've provided our families with some truly authentic experiences that continue to build momentum for what we are hoping to accomplish as a school. These efforts have not gone unnoticed by me, Donna, Central Office, the community, but most importantly, our students!

As we've worked up to our 156th day of school, we know the importance of finishing strong. We have a lot more to look forward to over the next few weeks so get some rest this weekend and come back Monday refreshed for another great week ahead.

Safety Audit feedback

Great work! We received very positive feedback regarding our Safety Audit last Friday. Many of the items they indicated we have already discussed and working toward possible solutions. They appreciated seeing everyone's ID badges, the appropriate answers to their questions of those interviewed, and that we are taking the safety of our students and staff seriously. Thank you!


Shout-out to Encore, Mrs. Berger, Mr. Pfeifer, and Mrs. Henry for all their hard work this week facilitating Mclass Testing! If I forgot anyone, my apologies.

Shout-out to Mrs. Monto and Mrs. Koerner for their efforts organizing NFL Play 60!

(If you would like to include a shout-out to someone each week, please let me know by Thursday of each week)

Paperback Book Donations

Please include in your communication to parents that Mrs. Phillips has requested any and all donations of paperback books be sent to the Media Center. If you or your parents are doing any Spring cleaning, please donate those items so they can be sent home with our students this summer.


May 10 - PTCO Meeting 7-8pm

May 18 - Test Administrator Training

May 19 - Student of the Month Celebration

June 1 - Staff Meeting - LAST ONE :)

June 2 - Field Day & STEM Recognition

June 8 - Cumulative Folder Party - 1:30pm - until finished

June 10 - Safe Schools Training - Back Injury - everyone to complete