Best Technology Projects of 2015

Jermaine Gentry, 2nd hour


We used two different apps to make collages. PicCollage was a more simple way of making a collage with a simple layout. GetLoupe was not complex was more complex than PicCollage. GetLoupe used the pictures to form logos and shapes. This project was the most fun to me because of the simplicity.

Biography using SMORE

This was my first time using smore,com. It was fairly easy to use. I did a research biography on my favorite artist Drake. It showed me things that I didn't know about him and more things that he has done.

Editing Images Assignment

This assignment taught me skills to make photos look more appealing. It changed the mood of the images. Photoshopping has a big impact on today's society. Commercials, billboards and a lot of other things advertised are photoshopped. I used to edit images that I already have taken. I like how the pictures look now and I can use this in future references.
Pixlr: Online Photo Editing Tutorial

Canva Posters

This assignment was fairly short. It required students to make two posters. I did one poster of my favorite basketball player, LeBron James. The other poster had to have the theme "We Are Atherton".

Tagul Word Cloud Assignment

The word cloud assignment was an assignment where we took random words to create a logo or shape. I love music so the words I picked formed a big music note. I enjoyed doing this short assignment. It would look cool on a T-shirt.
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