The Wilderness

The Wilderness

This summer I went to The Wilderness in Wisconsin Dells. Some friends and I went on this slide called The Hurricane and you go back and fourth and go really high but gravity is pulling you down making sure you stay on on the slide and on the tube so you don' t flip over. The angle of the slide is also nice because that also helps you not flip over. This is physical motion because i'm on it and i'm the one going down the slide.

The Pool

Some friends and I went in the outside pools and swam. For most of the time we went on this log that was chained to the floor of the pool that you could flip over and we kept trying to flip each other off it was so much fun. While we were in the pool leaves and dead bugs kept coming by and we kept staring at them ,grossed out.

About Me!

One thing about me is that I love art and I love to be creative. I am a visual learner and i also like to do the things with my hands. You should also know that I am very sarcastic and love to joke around. I play basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, and I used to play soccer. I am really looking forward to 7th grade this year.