Peter Pan's History.

The basics.

Peter Pan: Summary

Peter Pan was a mischievous little boy who never grew up. He encounters many magical beings such as Tinkerbell, the Indian Princess Tiger Lilly, and the dangerous Captain Hook.

He encounters all of these adventures in Neverland and in this magical island of Neverland. He has an enemy called Captain Hook, and he battles with him in the end of the story. He wins this battle and it ends with Captain Hook getting consumed by a crocodile.


The author of this book is Sir James Matthew Barrie. He was born on May 9, 1860 and died on June 19, 1937. A quote that appeared in Peter Pan was,"To die will be an awfully big adventure. He wrote many novels and plays. He is best known for writing the play called Peter Pan. Peter Pan was written after his brother, who died in an ice-skating accident before his 14th birthday. His mom and dad always thought of his brother as a little boy and that's where Sir James Matthew Barrie got the idea to write the book, Peter Pan.

Fun Facts About the Author and Peter Pan

  • Sir James Matthew Barrie had 2 schools named after him.
  • He was made a baronet by King George the Fifth on 1913
  • He was made a member of Order of Merit in 1922.
  • The book Peter Pan is now 100 years old.
  • Sir James Matthew Barrie always wanted to be an author but his family was againts it.