Journey of an ASUS Computer

Tyler Smith - Cultural Geography B: Period G

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Making of the Computer

The majority of ASUS computers or assembled in Taiwan, but the individual parts of the computer are not made in the same country. ASUS imports all of their components from Russia and the United States, and then assemble and configure them. ASUS then ships these computers around the world.
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Potential Problems in Shipping

The computers that ASUS makes are very fragile, and are at a high risk of breaking on their way to the United States.

The solution to this problem is cushioning the computer components with styrofoam. Another solution is to put multiple computers close together together while shipping so they are tightly packed and cannot move.

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My Relationship With Globalization

Without globalization, I would have never been able to buy my computer because there would be no means for it to be shipped to the store where I bought it.

How Has Globalization Impacted My life.

Past: When I was born, I did not choose where I was to be born, instead my parents were effected by globalization and ended up where they live.

Present: Globalization allows me to now meet different people from around the world.

Future: In the future globalization will effect where I live because of the location of my job.

Overarching Claim

Get Anything from anywhere at anytime.