Animal rights/Animal testing

Animal testing, wrong or right?

What is animal testing

Technically animal testing has been around for thousands of years dating back to the Ancient Romans, but there are many negative effects from it. The tests are done to figure out if a product will hurt the animal and/or human,if it will burn the human/animal, and to find the limit of what an animal can take of something. Animal testing shouldn't be happening, while It's helping humans over 100,000,000 animals die a year. Humans should not use animals for testing.

Animals usually have to suffer through the testing experiment.

  • Over 70,001 animals are subjected to pain without pain killers in a year
  • The animals that are being tested on normally go back to their cages after the experiment is done, or get euthanized .
  • 98,633 animals are subjected to pain over their maximum pain threshold in a year.
    All from the ASPCA or PETA.

Scientists have no reason to test on animals.

  • Says scientists could use stem cell research which only requires a tiny amount of pain to get the cells.
  • The research costs enormous amounts of money, over 16 billion dollars a year.
  • Scientists could just use computer modeling testing, which is pretty much just using a simulation on a computer.

All from PETA.

Animal testing is technically animal abuse.

  • Over 2.2 million animals die a year from the experiments/research, so they're practically murdering animals.
  • Testing can blind animals, kill them, toxicate them without the scientists knowing or much worse.
  • The products scientists test on the animals usually don't even make it to the public.
    All from ASPCA and PETA.