Books and Online Access

We plan to have materials in time for the first summer PD date (July 8). Materials may consist of partial books (enough to use for PD) until complete TEs can be received. We are working on a distribution plan. Actual textbooks are not available yet.

You will start seeing new online textbooks in your ConnectED accounts.

Access these books through Clever. These books may not match what you will be teaching next year as they are based on what you taught last year. Or, they may appear under a different course name. This will be corrected as Infinite Campus is uploaded with new schedules. We will also work to ensure you have the correct items in your account for PD sessions.

Clever login:

Curriculum Documents

New curriculum documents are being written for every course from Math 6 through Precalculus (and Financial Literacy). As they are finished, they will be uploaded into the Digital Binder.

At this time, the following courses have been completed and uploaded:

  • Math 6
  • Math 7
  • Math 8
  • Compacted Math 7-8
  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra 1 - Part 1
  • Integrated Math 2

Financial Literacy Math and Algebra 2 should be done within the next 2 weeks.

Precalculus writing will begin soon.

We hope you like the new format. Materials were written in order to have as much in one document as possible. You will find an "At-a-Glance" for each course followed by a Pacing Guide. Where possible, we included ODE's Model Curriculum with Instructional Supports. Clicking on a standard takes you directly to that standard's page. Finally, test specifications are included so that teachers can see how each standard will be assessed.

You can access these documents in two places:

Digital Binder (Requires CCS login)

Curriculum page on website

Join Us for Virtual PD This Summer!

We have 13 dates available for summer PD. This PD is open to 6-12 grade math teachers, special education teachers, coaches, ELL teachers, librarians, and Gifted-Talented personnel.

Each session will be three hours long. The last half hour of each session is for Q and A.

AM sessions run from 8:00 AM till 11:00 AM.

PM sessions run from 12:00 PM till 3:00 PM.

Session information

We will have sessions on ALEKS and the new "Reveal Math" platform. Additionally, we will have sessions for Number Worlds (spec. ed), Precalculus, and our new Financial Literacy/Business math course (referred to as Business Math below).

Stipends will be paid for each different session attended. Participants will also receive CEUs.

We encourage you to take a Reveal Math session. Learn how this powerful platform can help you with lesson planning, incorporate your own materials, and much more!

Sign up in PDS - Search for course #38639

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Some Sessions May Be Full

If you have registered for a session and change your mind, please cancel your registration in PDS or simply let us know. We can cancel it to allow others to join and manually add you to another session.

See you there!